I woke up thinking it was Thursday. That would have been so awesome… because then tomorrow would be FRIDAY. And the day after that will be Saturday and this is going to be the busiest weekend of my life!
More on that later.
Sometimes, i will admit, i need to change my regular breakfast line up. The thought of eating yet another bowl of yogurt mess or peanut butter oats just makes me not even want to eat it and go in search of something more comforting… like a bagel. MMM. bagels. Doesnt help as I type this that during my morning commute I ran past a bagel shop that must have just made the everything bagels… i could smell toasty bagels and I felt my stride slow down and my body gravitating towards the starchy goodness that I call MY KRYPTONITE. But a quick glance at the clock revealed i only had time to smell the bagels…
But who needs bagels when you have this:
Leftover broccoli and cheddar cheese fritatta. Look at that melty goodness. That bagel could kiss my grits in comparison to this incredibly satisfying bowl of melty cheesy eggy goodness. Im tellin you kiddos, switch up your breakfast routine every now and then- you will get excited for breakfast!
What was not at all exciting was the lack of food in my apartment. Aside from fresh fruit the innards of my refridge were BARE. SKIMPY. Disappointing… and unappetizing.

But thats when peanut butter and jelly sammiches save the day! And since its been eeons since i had a PBJ sammie it was yummy. and with the pear alongside it… i think next time i might slice a pear into the sammich! Oh yes, i went there.
Just to put it out there, one should not WATCH Man V. Food if they are susceptible to instant cravings. The brooklyn episode came on and i listed several places that i must try before summer is over… Damn that Adam Richmond.
When din din rolled around I was really considering ordering out… but then i spied so many veggables that wanted to come to the party in my tummy (so yummy so yummy)
angel hair pasta sauteed in garlic and olive oil with broc, peppers, mushrooms, snow peas and roasted tomatoes. Not rocket science… but maybe poetry. Oh carbs, how i love thee.
When i went to relax in my bedroom i found a package on my bed…

what could this be?

PRESENTS! from Tiffany! Presents for Me and Mickey girl! It all started when Tiffany posted something about chocolate and peppermint shavings and i jokingly said she can send them my way… and bless her heart- she did! She also sent some treats for mickey!
I didnt waste a second in trying out the chocolate peppermint shavings. I made half portion of chocolate malt-o-meal!

…and a healthy handful of chocolate shavings. It totally transformed my cereal and i got a little overzealous

mmmm. chocolatey. (this might be why i’m still single)

Mickey wanted in on the fun. Here she is eating a biscuit that she took to my lap to eat off of…smh (diva)

and here i am teasing her with a rawhide stick…

rawhide stoggie.
What a great present to come home to! Thank you so much Tiffany and I cant wait to dig into the other goodies! I have so many plans for the chocolate peppermint shavings.