Seems my busy weeked piqued your interests… and I can only satisfy your curiosity by briefly telling you what my wonderful weekend will entail.
Friday pm: I organized a baseball outting with my department… 6 months ago.
Saturday from 12-5: Junior High School reunion. Complete with a Dance performance and a faculty/alumni volleyball game
Saturday 7-9: BMFs dance recital with eharmony guy (only time i could squeeze in for eharmony guy LOL)
saturday 9-12a: Coworker/BFF Jess Karaoke Birthday party.
sunday 12a – 4a: VIP booth with another BMF at a gentlemans club for no other reason other than I am awesome and he wants me there.
Sunday 8a – 12pm- furniture delivery!
Sunday 12pm – untill i pass out: fathers day- Dads choice.
I should note that my idea of being busy is having one thing to do each day of the weekend… and this is going to be a REALLY busy weekend. I am also missing several other parties (including Missy’s) just so i dont burn the bridges with my other friends… and i love my friends- all one hundred billion of them. Anyone wanna be my body double for some of the events? I would love some time to sleep and wash the sweat off!
The best part is that i will be documenting everything so im sure you will be looking forward to that.

Everyone who works has them. And if you work in an office building, you know there is ALWAYS free food. ALWAYS.
And if said coworkers know and love your blog they will love reserving baked goods and free food of all types for you to “review”. First thing in the morning this was on my desk:
“Mo, made this chocolate Kahlua cake. Saved you a slice! It went really fast! Enjoy!” signed by a food pusher. People. Do you SEE this thing? how the Flip do i say no to that? my plan was simple, take a bite and then discreetly throw the rest away. That way i can say i tasted it. I took a bite.
And it was pretty much over after that.
Moist. Rich. DECADENT. and HOMEMADE. good grief. I couldnt throw this away! and Food Pusher caught me in my foodie eutopia.
“do you like it?”
I said straight face and all: I hate you.
she laughed. and told me there was pudding in the mix. (she knows my secret!) and that was why the cake was so addicting… that and the kahlua. But with that richness i left my yogurt mess in the fridge for another day…
and then treats straight from CHINA end up on my desk.
“Mo, i went to china and picked up this chocolate wafers. They are pretty awesome and thought you might like to try… for the blog of course”

What was I to do? I mean, they are from CHINA. its not like i can just walk outside and get them (i probably can since i work in Chinatown) But they looked LIGHT. so why not.

Tasted like a fortune cookie with chocolate inside. Not bad. I shared. 🙂
Around dinner time (becuase really, who needs lunch after that junk fest!) I went to Patti-dukes casa which is conveniently located across the street from my house. I was hungry so i ordered some take out… and not just any take out… Spanish food from Tu casa. I tend to order too much when its take out…

i ordered a beef empanada. Ate half

ordered tostones. They were soggy. ate a few.

ordered arroz moro and pernil. pernil was wonderful but they put so much fat in the dish that i didnt get a substantial amount of roast pork. And the rice? here is where i rip them a new one… DISGUSTING. the problem with this place is that sometimes they think they can get away with serving BOTTOM OF THE POT rice complete with burnt and crunchy bits. You know, at my mothers house we might actually fight over this burnt part of the rice becuase its homemade and free but when im paying for a plate of rice, i want fresh, moist and flavorful rice!

Not happy! gave the rice to the dogs who happily WOOFed it down. (wacka wacka wacka) I think Tu Casa has finally lost my business. they started to “fall off” when they expanded. Best believe i wrote a letter detailing my disgust!
But when i got home…

Look what roommie brought home…

and he served me “Mo, you can put it on your blog!”

i had a bite and couldnt finish! I was stuffed. it was awesome though… and people Im gonna start wearing a sign around my neck that says:
Do people try to feed you because you are a food blogger???