As i started to upload this monstrous amount of photos, i realized that there would be FAR too many to post for Friday, Saturday and Sunday combined and I had already uploaded the most pics from Saturday…People who have used blogger will know that uploading more than 5 pictures is a pain in the mouse. So I will give you my weekend update in random order. Starting with Saturday since that was my Longest Day. And today is supposedly the longest day of the year…fate? yes.
I awoke on Saturday and got ready for Alumni Day at my old Junior High, A dance recital with EHarmony Guy, Karaoke Party with my friend Jess and ending the night with my friend Chris at a VIP lounge.
Are you exhausted yet?
Obviously, with this many things on my to do list I wanted to make sure I had enough time to do everything… and when im RELYING on my schedule to go the way i want to it changes every which way.
My old roomie Peter and I headed to I.S. 318 at noon. We were one of the first to arrive but we got to enjoy the building before it got crowded.
When i approached the building I felt really emotional. These were probably my best years. I remember not having a care in the world, not a bill to pay and the best friends a girl could ask for… and no- no boyfriends, though they would be SO lucky. lol.

Peter and I were only planning to stay for a few hours. it was really hot, there was no AC in the school, and er, we have a lot to do- duh. LOL.
The halls were decorated with presentation boards and pictures with decades above. the kids putting these together must have really been paying attention to the wardrobes becuase all my …pics got grouped in the early 90’s when i was CLEARLY in the LATE 90’s.

Exhibit A. this sweater that i was wearing… Everyone in the 90’s section had an ugly sweater like this and I wore mine often. I was 11 in this photo sitting at the lunch table with my besties. Lunch time rocked. Found an old year book and reminicsed about my days as an actress in the school play. Need help finding me? the plaid shirt… all those awful images are me (mostly on the left page). Ah, the good ol days.

Even better… That is me at ELEVEN! I’d like to say I look the same plus some poundage… but the aspirations have changed a bit.

Walked into the cafeteria which was decorated for the old school dances we had. there was a DJ. couldnt resist shaking my booty down the stairs and peter walked far far away from me. thanks Peej.

This was my table! and my spot! who fought for the corner??? i always did and i always won! boo yah!

thats peter trying not to have a good time. And everyone thought he was my significant other. I love Peter to death… just not in that way. And he’s engaged! yay!

Alumni/Faculty basketball game.

Me in front of the office of one of my favorite teachers:

Mr. Kastin. back in the day- there was no one cooler than Mr. Kastin. Now I’m the cool one (LOL)

They had performances and streamed old student productions (and I hope mine was never played!)

they served us sweets

and more sweets

and these ugly heavenly things that were sitting in the sun tasting all fresh out the oven! mmm.

and a grill master making burgers and franks.

sustenance. it was yummy. After my burger Peter and I said goodbye (as everyone was starting to arrive- hispanics are never on time to anything….except me and peter) and missed the class photos… but it was hot, getting late, and peter caught a sweet FLAT on the way home. I ran home, confirmed with my date where to be and when, then changed.
I was ahead of scheduled (or so i thought) when my date tells me he is running late and will meet me at the recital (damn, there goes my ride). I was waiting patiently so as not to be the first person to arrive when my friend Michael (the recital choreographer) sends me a text “WHERE R U?”
“HOME, Y?”
“The recital just started”
shiiiiiit. it started at 7 and i thought it started at 8.
The nice cab driver really did STEP ON IT when i told him i was late for a show. and i got there 10 mins later.
and caught almost ALL of the recital!

The guy in the middle- thats my Michael. he did a GREAT job on the recital! during intermission i was trying to contact eharmony guy… to no avail.
Did i just get stood up?
Yeah i did. and it sucked becuase i wore really high heels and had to brave the streets of flushing queens, the IRT number 7, the E train and the D train followed by a sore walk down West 4th street to catch what was left of my friends Karaoke party
Everyone was nice and drunk when i arrived. So i didnt dwell on the eharmony asshole… who will no longer be a topic on this blog..

and got right into the spirit of things

And tried to share the mic. I sang with everyone for an hour when everyone started to leave. I was getting ready to hit up my VIP Lounge… I was sore and tired… when i got the best text ever
“Diva, im tired. No VIP tonight- maybe next week?”
YAY! I get to go home!
But after a midnight (or should i say 2am) grays papaya run. me and my posse noshed on some junk food.

and i burned my tongue on this piece of chicken.
I got three hours of sleep that night only to wake up at 745 to the doorbell…my furniture delivery was waaaay early.