Picture this.
You work full time 5 days a week. You maintain a somewhat active social life. You blog and are a Dog Momma. On one of your two days off a week you are asked to Volunteer for a work event. A 10 hr work event.
What do you do?
You stupidly say “Sure, I’d Love to Help!”.
You have to wake up EARLIER on this day off than you do on a regular day of work. Its HUMID. You’re tired and you haul ass to volunteer your one free weekend a year for work related functions…all for an extra day of vacation.
You are an IDIOT.
Mock Trial. The two words that make me whine like a little baby. The two words that cause stomach problems for all the first years in my office. The two words that bring me to work on my day off. My job: food prep. Its not that bad because I like food. 🙂

I was late thanks to the MTA and when i arrived Breakfast was already set up. Mock Jurors and Witnesses were chatting and munching and ignorantly awaiting their DOOM. Seriously, who likes jury duty? LEt alone when you are doing jury dookie for free mediocre food…

Continental breakfast-esque. Of course after this amazing set up and my attempts to eat a balanced breakfast did I find out the judges chambers had eggs and sausage.

I cried inside but made do with this half a bagel and all the scraps of fruit that the savages, I mean Judges left behind.

This is Arlenys. Shes in charge here. A long time ago, this used to be my job… and she replaced me. Arlenys drinks a lot more these days and she has me to thank for it. hey girl, what are friends for?!?! (she will likely slap me later LOL)
When the lunches arrived I got into full on servant mode and put on some gloves and arranged the 6 foot beast of a hero to minimize the number of hands grasping for a slice of sammich.

Just call me Mo Diva, the 6Ft Sandwich Slinger. Side note, my hair is getting LONG! woo hoo! and other side note: Not my best picture.

Ah, thats better. I am serving pasta primavera.

People were impressed with my sammy stackage.

And our favorite thing to do is test the goods before lunch is served. Something about all this work makes us RAVENOUS. And every year we order these tuna sandwiches… I dont know what it is about them but they get fought over. Jess was about to take a bite of her tuna and i stuck my finger in it while saying “ARE YOU GONNA EAT THAT?” Jess didnt like that. And it didnt gross her out enough to let me have her sandwich.

i found my own. Not too heavy on the mayo and served on a rye type of bread. really good. And everyone in the program figured it out too… except that one ass hat that grabbed a sandwich with his bare hands, saw the tuna and put the sandwich that he had in his hand back on the platter… Ever see a Diva flip out on someone? “Pick that Sandwich back up you FOOL!” he picked it up. Guess he never learned about that germ thing in school when he was little.

we served veggie sammies, italian sammies, american sammies, tuna sammies and the classics: ham and cheese, turkey and cheese… and pickles.

AND CHIPS! like my display? Oh and there were cookies… but they were gone super quick. Vultures!

Here we are taking a break. And they are discussing why im taking pictures of everything this year. “Oh, Mo has some kinda food blog… she takes PICS of EVERYTHING”
that pretty much sums it up.
Whats you favorite kind of sandwich? TUNA! with MAYO
Do you enjoy volunteer work? Not if it means getting up at 5 am!
How much do you hate the NYC subway on the weekends!?!?! MTAs slogan “Going Your Way” should be changed to “Going your way on Weekdays Only”