Several people have been telling me that I have to experience the wonderfulness that is the Calexico Cart. Obviously, by the title of this post I am not going to be discussing the Calexico Cart because the damn cart is too popular! i ventured out in the hot muggy weather, risking serious sweat that would threaten my beautiful barely there makeup job (conceited much?) and walked through SoHo to find this popular cart. With the help of my google maps and Smart Phone (that really isnt that smart) I found the location of the cart. Two men busting out burritos and mexican fare to the hungry people of Downtown Manhattan… a very LONG line of hungry people. Wish I could have taken a photo of this line. It was, i kid you not, 30 people deep. I asked someone on line how long they have been waiting and he looked at his watch and said “about 40 minutes”. FORTY MINUTE WAIT FOR STREET FOOD? FOR MEXICAN STREET FOOD?
Let it be known guys, I am gonna get to that cart and Im gonna eat… something from that cart SOME DAY and im gonna write about it.
My lunch crew walked our rumblins bellies back towards the office and walked up on La Esquina.
Taqueria. They serve tacos. And Quesadillas. And Burritos. And their line looks a lot shorter. La Esquina is ON THE CORNER of Kenmare and Cleveland. La Esquina means THE CORNER.
We all go into the cramped establishment. Its clean and kitchy but really really small. Grab a paper menu and order at the small counter. Once we order we take our receipts and wait outside a giant window.

We would proceed to stare at this window for 30 long hot minutes. I ordered a watermelon juice that was so refreshing i missed the photo op…

But there were other bevvys to behold! with unique names!

Like Chaparritas! Which is what Jess used to call our little circle of girlfriends. So cute.
Just as I was about to go across the street to the hummus place to see if the line was shorter for food there I heard my name, or something that was supposed to be my name.
If you mean Monique, than thats me.
Yes, Monica.
WTF???? I rolled my eyes and picked up my order, or should i say Monica’s order.
they score points for environmentally friendly packaging! It smelled good… and i couldnt wait to go back to my desk.

On the left is the beef stew taco. and on the right is the Lengua taco.
I started with the Lengua taco because I have heard GREAT things about tongue tacos. Yes. TONGUE. I hear its tender, beefy, and delicious. I lifted my taco and discovered a soft corn taco- GROSS. i hate corn tortillas… unless they are deep fried. the corn ones are a bit spongey. yuck. The cheese on the tacos? Mild and I couldnt taste it. The Tongue? Tender and flavorful… but next time will ask them to shred it or chop it or something because upon further inspection i could identify tongue parts… and i got a lil grossed out by the slimy side and the gritty side (dont be grossed out…it was still tasty) but the worst part was the pickled jalapenos. They were so OVERPOWERING that this tasted like a jalapeno taco and nothing more. FAIL.
The beef stew taco, soggy corn tortilla and all- DELICIOUS! Not overpowering in flavors at all. The stew was the perfect star in this taco- well seasoned and just overall wonderful. I am glad i saved the beef stew for last.
So i’d recommend it- just request you tongue tacos be chopped up and hold the jalapenos!
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Whats the weirdest Food you ever ate? it was my first LENGUA ANYTHING…