Glad you all liked Part One of the Cable Guy. If you liked part one I think you will definitely enjoy part two… because a lot of you cant imagine it getting any worse… BUT IT CAN! LOL

And Sorry to say I am NOT a lawyer but for the sake of my rent and my ability to keep paying my rent i will not disclose my actual job- but do know that LAWYER too far from the truth- just a slight embellishment. All the facts about Cable Guy? TRUE. 100% true.


Doncha hate wakin up late?

Lately, when my alarm goes off I am so quick to slam the snooze button that half the time I dont consciously know I am doing this… its horrid. Then i look at the clock, see its 730 and bolt outta bed to get ready for work. I knew someone who used to keep their alarm clock across the room so they would have to physically wake up to turn off the alarm clock….might be worth a try but I fear i will get into the habit of getting up, walking to the alarm clock, slamming the snooze and going back to sleep… lol.

Anyway, On those days where I snooze too much, I don’t give myself much time to prepare the meals for the day.

And thats why i love starbucks. Egg white Feta wrap with an iced coffee with skim milk. MMMM.

And I made lunch the night before (luckily). A bed of spring greens with these awesome frozen chicken strips from trader joes. Literally place the frozen strips on my salad the night before and by lunch time they are defrosted, tender and delish! They save my life!

I came home and told the roomie i was going to make dinner. Dinner was going to take 45 mins. and I was hungry… so i had dessert first.

I scored these from that time we went to Cracker Barrel. Peanut Buter Moon Pies.

They were okay… I guess i was too excited or something. They were too rich. a few bites and I had to stop. But thats okay- i had dinner to make.

I made pollo guisado and brown rice.

Roomie sat down to a big plate of rice and chicken. He took a bite of the rice and made a face. I asked “how is it?” and he said “its edible”.


and I soon found out that Mr. Man does not like Brown Rice. but he loved the chicken…

Butt Head.

And with that, I will say I HATE cooking in the summer! My kitchen is a windowless sauna from hell!

How was Everyone’s Weekend???

I grew to HATE MTA on saturday more than I have ever hated the MTA. And I missed the Pride Parade : ( But the good news is that I spent some quality cuddle time with MickeyPie.