During my really busy weekend two chaotic weekends ago, my friend Meg came over for a visit. It was a “girls night in”. I was tired and sweaty and we went to the nearest pizzeria, picked up a pie, and a case of beer and hit my place. We watched “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” and ate pizza with reckless abandon.
Several Pepcid AC’s later, Meg and I sat down and went thru a crashcourse in using Blogger. Meg then gave birth (metaphorically) to her newest work: Megnificent Memories. The project was inspired by her goal of taking one picture a day and posting it to her Facebook page… and now random pictures will be placed on the blog and she’ll share whatever she feels about the photo on display. I love this idea and cant wait to add my two cents (cuz I always have something to say).
You would think the way we terrorized the pizza that we would never want to look at pizza again…
But then there was this ball of whole wheat dough in my freezer.
and a lot of pesto that wasnt being used so i created something:

pesto, chicken, mozzarella and mild cheddar… It looks disgusting. But it tastes okay… no, im lying.
It was awful.
and then i found some jarred sauce that I couldnt twist open…
There, i fixed it. I need to stop closing these lids so well. I dont know my own strength!

I had some very stubborn dough. and I wasnt in the mood to fight with it. so i let it shrink as i applied sauce. stupid dough (its probably more like “stupid Mo”). I covered it with cheese and let it do its thing in the oven. I wanted to make it fancy and fresh tasting and i remembered the mini herb garden on my window ledge!

Fresh Basil!

So fragrant and delish! I could smell it everyday…oh wait, i do smell it every day.

When pizza was done I took my foodie porn pics…. disregard the nasty green slice. Mickey enjoyed that green slice thoroughly.

and i took a few basil leaves (washed them after being in my nose for sniffing pleasure) and decorated my pizza with them. YUUMMMY!
Cant wait to try more fresh basil recipes. i would very much like to master my pizza dough techniques. any and all advice would be appreciated.
What about you? Homemade Pizza? Semi Homemade? or Delivery? i say it depends on my mood… if im lazy- definitely delivery.