So i was going to attempt the whole “Move your Alarm Clock to another part of the room” thing… and i blew a fuse last night and when i restored the fuse… i forgot to reset my clock. But get this…i woke up EARLY! 6am. I went to take a nice shower and remembered as the freezing water hit my back (and shrieked) that the boiler is being repaired and I wont get a hot shower until later when i return home (shit). I should have sat down to a hot breakfast but when i opened my cereal cabinet, i got a whiff of chocolate and peppermint!
The delicious chocolate that Tiffany sent me! and I sprinkled it on my cornflakes. OH MAN. SOOOO GOOD! I love you Tiffany and you crack-licious chocolate.
I still havent been grocery shopping and plan on making a trip with the roomie… once we are home at the same time… so I had some leftover brown rice… and lots of eggs.

This made for a very interesting and Poor Lunch. thank goodness for hot sauce, salt and pepper.

and new popchips! Found this at Duane Reade and swiped a bag. Loved it so much I wrote a letter to popchips telling them i was in love and might name my first child Jalapeno PopChip Rodriguez. We can call him JP for short.
I was looking forward to dinner becuase I had a tray of stir fry veggies from TJs and a really good stir fry sauce… so at least dinner would be more than eggs.

MMM. Veggies.

And Tilapia! haven’t had tilapia in FOREVER!

I used a tbsp of stir fry suace and added some water and spices. I let it simmer to thicken up and it made a very nice brown sauce.

Piled it onto some WHITE rice and ate. It was the best stir fry ever… felt bad too becuase i didnt make enough to share.
-Whats the simplest most delish meal you have ever made?
-On your broke days what is your go to meal?