When Tiffany emailed me and asked me if I was going to be in NY for the weekend of the 4th, I had to tell my cousin I was sorry but I had to cancel our plans because Miss Tiffany was going to be in NYC that weekend. Mari and I were psyched and we planned a walking tour of lower Manhattan.
Being a blogger is really quite wonderful. I share so much of my soul here and read so much about everyone else’s blog that I feel like I know so many of you and in truth, haven’t even heard your voices! When I met up with Tiffany at her hotel in Times Square we hugged and kissed like we were long lost buddies reuniting after a long time apart. Only, we weren’t. We were meeting for the first time. It was much like that when i met Mari for the first time. We spent so much time emailing, texting, and blogging that when we met for the first time (a trip to the gym together) it wasn’t weird at all sweating on each other at the gym! Why can’t DATING be this easy???
Once Mari arrived (damn trains!) we walked to the emptiest Starbucks we could find in Times Square and mapped out our day. In true blogger fashion we all had our cellphones and coffees out chitchatting about our plans.

and of course, taking pics of our bevvies.

Don’t you love the outdoor seating available in Times Square now??? So much of the congestion has been releived on the sidewalks! (feel bad for drivers though). Once we were solid on details of our adventure, we headed for the subway. It was Tiffany’s first ride on a New York City Subway.

Virgin Feet. And since we were in Times Square I thought it would be fitting to go over the details… rather answer all her questions.
“How often does it run?” “How many lines are there?” “It never closes?” “How the hell do you manage this on a daily basis?”

I snapped a pic of Tiffany next to the 42nd street sign and then told her what Times Square was like in 15 years ago. For those that don’t know, it was referred to as 42nd street and it was a smut district. Lots of peep shows and prostitutes… but now its a bonafide tourist trap. Its no longer offensive to say “My momma works on 42nd street”…
When we got downtown Mari realized that her camera battery was home so we made a detour to Best Buy in Unionw Square.

But camera batteries dont come fully charged and her camera phone was working JUST FINE. So we pressed on.

And took a break from the heat to peak inside of the much loved, Max Brenner dessert shoppe.

Love this pic. Mari, you nenas look fab! LOL.

And we turned 12 years old when we saw this naughty tree. Its amazing how many people walk by when you are trying to be discreet about taking naughty day time pics. Pretty soon we ended up at a bright orange Mecca for mac and cheese freaks.

S’Mac. and since the last time i have been dreaming og the sampler. Mari is a vegetarian so we didnt want to tempt her with our cheese burger mac… and Tiff and I shared the sampler.

we were excited!

and tiff was hungry. (okay, i was hungry too) After our mac and cheese breakfast, we took our bellies to 2nd avenue and found a giant burger.

mari will only eat this burger.
silly mari.
And we found Pommes Frittes.
belgian fries. Mari, the Good Girl, only tasted one or two… and claimed they were nothing to write home about… but the stars of the show were the dipping sauces. Pommes Frittes has 25 dipping sauces… and not just Ketchup… but lots of mayo based sauces for you dipping pleasure. Of course while we were sitting mari and tiffany overheard the ladies next to us talking about blogging. And me being a big mouth was nominated to be the bold one and ask the girls what blogs they wrote. Only two of them were bloggers. One was a fitness blogger. And I gave them my card and we all told them they HAD to go to S’Mac. I sure hope they did!
Tiff and I only ate about a palmful of fries when we decided we were done… But our tour continued and we ended up at a cute lil place called Panhandler. Thats where Tiff and i purchased some cupcake holders… for our Crumbs Cupcakes.

there were only two cupcakes in the entire bakery that would fit into our holders…. but will you get a load of that monster??? I might have to pick this up for when Carol comes to visit!

and Crumbs has promotional cupcakes! Last time I tried one of those was for the first Sex and the City Movie… my opinion of these is that they are purely gimmicks and seriously lacking in the YUM department. and wth! those calorie counts are insane- what a buzz kill. But its clear- Edward is definately better for you than Jacob! TEAM EDWARD!

Heres my 300 cal cupcake! love it. I had it in my bag all day and it stood intact!

Tiff was being silly on the phone. “No mom, I’m NOT going to MOVE to NYC [yet]”
After we picked up our cupcakes Mari suggested we get a real hot dog for Tiff to try.

at Grays Papaya of course!

Tiff and I split this baby because we were stuffed as it was….
and after our hot dog we took a walk and ended up in a weird place.

Cock Pops anyone??? edible undies? gummy pee-pees?
“Mo, get out of there!”
we headed to the park Washington Square park! and stood near the water fountain where it was somewhat cooler. I noticed a SWEET tanline from wearing my flip flops… speaking of sweet- peep this sand art! HOLLA!
we had to go back to Starbucks for some more caffein… and a break for our toesies when i spotted something FREE.
Free HUGS! Hell yes! i just wanted one hug… and i guess they were all in need of hugs themselves and I got about 10 different hugs. But this guy kept coming back for more… guess i am a snuggly hugger.
At this point Tiff gave me and mari the biggest shock of our lives. We walked by a hot dog stand and tiff said “Um, what’s a Knish?” and Mari and I stopped dead in our tracks and in unison said WHAT??. Without hesitation mari ordered a Knish with mustard STAT for tiff.
I cant beleive on a walking food tour we left out something so basic… and more importantly- Tiff never heard of it!

I was ready to capture her first bite.

SUCCESS! She liked it! and for those that do not know what a Knish is… what are you waiting for!?!
AFter that, we called it a day. can you beleive we braved the heat for 5 hrs?!?!

We dropped tiff off at her hotel and i became fixated with her Fig Vodka…. how cool!
When i got home I passed out and got ready for my beach day in Sunken Meadow which you will hear about tomorrow.
I miss Tiffany already. I am so glad she came to visit! Mari, i might come visit- i need to walk off some of that Knish!
Did you guys have a great weekend???