Since my family went off to Delaware for the weekend I decided to tag along with my friend and his family for their annual 4th of July tradition. In my family, we used to spend the day poolside bbqing and then finding a spot to watch fireworks. Dan’s fam kinda does the same thing… only they wake up at the crack of dawn to nab a good spot to picnic.

Sunken Meadow on Long Island has a picnic area and is steps away from the beach. The plan? Get there early to swipe a tree so we can have some shade. I was up at 5am and we hit the road at 6. We arrived at the site at 745.

And we rolled deep. Dan has a big family plus his 8 friends and we gotta a pretty big group. We threw our blankets all around our respective trees and relaxed. It was earky so the heat was not yet a problem.

Jess and i decided it was a good time to nap since the air was still cool… Around 930 i was starving… and nothing was ready. And who the hell eats a hamburger at 930? (okay, i would but it wasnt ready yet)

Breakfast of champions! Such a bad idea…

with two homemade iced coffees. It was good! When people noticed i was eating chips like i never ate in my life they grill was put on…

and someone tried to nominate me to grill. When these things happen, its best to pretend you are asleep. No one wants to bother a sleeping foodie. lol. I totally would have cooked though… but it was starting to get hot and i was sleepy. 🙂

But what a great brunch! i was supposed to make mac and cheese but was told we had a lot of food. Not picutred is about 100 hamburgers and 200 hot dogs! they were very prepared! I ate 2 hot dogs and a hamburger later on… doncha love the smell of a BBQ?

One of the kids found a crab on the beach and all the men took turns scaring the shit out of their wives and girlfriends by putting this thing near them… ah, the joy of being single LOL. Too bad im allergic to crabs… i woulda threw that baby onto the grill! ha!

We we relaxin in the ntural shade. After a trip to the beach and a rocky walk along the shore, we were pooped

and took respective naps. When we awoke we couldnt beleive our eyes. it was almost noon and there were people everywhere! and since we were hogging the tree people were RIGHT on top of us so they could steal some shade too. I was highly annoyed. Some people just dont care… And I eventually had to just deal with it. Next year, im comign with rope so people can stay out of my area!

We all got sleepy and decided we had enough… and i was nursing a sexy back burn. We left the site at 7pm. 12 hrs! gadzukes! we saw fireworks on the way home!

bad photo! but a trip that should have taken 2 hours tops took 5 hours. because we got stuck on the henry hudson pkway for 2 hours. had to be named HENRY! lol. All in all it was a great 4th! the following day i woke up early and headed to brooklyn to meet mom and dad on their way back from Delaware. They took Mickey with them.

It was my first weekend without my baby in a whole year since i adopted her. i asked if she was a good girl and they said for the most part. They learned that Mickey was quite fond of cat poop… as well as my cousins garden vegetables. And that Mickey knew how to hop a fence… Home sweet home!
Whats your favorite thing to bring to a BBQ?