I need quick and easy.
This heat is whipping my ass. The Air Conditioning is lovely and I’m comfy and cozy cuddling with my Mickey girl. So those lovely snoozes (yes, i am STILL snoozing) have been getting the better of me.
I was lucky to have some emergency breakfasts at my desk and pulled together some chocolate malt o meal (which is hard to prepare without proper measurements) and some of hte chocolate peppermint shavings that my home girl sent over from the big C.

Along with my cold ice coffee made the night before (smart, right?) I was good to go. But what the hell was I to do at lunch? i REFUSE, i repeat REFUSE to go outside in this Hellish Heat and opted for a “cold” lunch… so as not to overheat any more than i already am… especially since around 11 all the ACS in the office shut down and didnt go back on until 1…
Sushi. Cucumber and Avocado Sushi. refreshing. Filling, healthy and cheap… Poor delivery guy though…
I was invited to a happy hour and started an awful habit of saying “no thanks, maybe next time” so that i can go home, put on my pjs, cook dinner and cuddle with Mickey Pie… and when my coworker told me i wasnt as fun as i used to be i decided it was time to go out for a change… and be fun for an hour.

Happy hours are difficult for me. I opt for a good strong drink with the intention of only having one and the buzz from the one drink clouds my judgement. Next thing you know, im scarfing potato skins and wings with my 3rd drink and its approaching 3 hrs at a bar and my pup is home doing the pee pee dance.
But that didnt happen this time.
I will wait while you all recover from the shock.
Everyone was drinking beer when i arrived. I wasnt in the mood for beer. Everyone was ordering buffalo wings and cheese fries. I wasnt in the mood for that either. When the darling waitress walked by to take my order i dont know who took over my body and said White Wine for me… but i was glad it happened.
The conversation was great. The wine was cold and refreshing and I took my time sipping my white wine. I was there for an hour. A lot of people had only started to arrive but by then i had had my fill of fun and knew my dinner at home was calling my name.
I had taken one of the Arnolds Burger Buns out of the freezer to thaw out for the day and I had come home to a fresh hamburger bun! It was difficult to not eat it as it lay on my counter! But with the help of my quick and trusty George Foreman mini grill and bun warmer, i whipped up a delectable turkey burger with cheddar cheese in a matter of 6 minutes.
The bread was incredibly fresh and the turkey burger that I seasoned with a touch of garlic, salt and pepper was amazingly delish! i would have loved a sweet potato for some sweet tater fries… but i made do with a side salad.
When you go to Happy Hour, what are your beverages of choice? and what do you get (if anything) to nosh?