Well i hope that everyone enjoyed the story from Friday. I was a little hesitant about posting it but I do hope you guys enjoyed it.
I had a great weekend with my friend Karen and my mom. We had a girls day and went to see Eclipse followed by margaritas and giggles about a certain wolf we wouldnt mind spending some time with. I’m team edward by the way… but I couldn’t help swooning every now and then during the film. Im ready to get more Twilight in my system. Time to reread the books! and I saw the previews for the next and final installments of Harry Potter… can I say I got a little teary eyed?
Berries. Berries on sale! I still havent made a complete shopping trip and my creativity is wanning in the kitchen… but berries and breakfast are an obvious!
especially once i take said berries that have been marinating in a litle splenda action and toss them into some yogurt and oatbran

for a disgusting yet delicious yogurt mess. Not to mention the itty bitty nonfat blueberry muffin that i threw in there to make it taste like a trifle. YUM. I also enjoyed the looks of horror on everyones faces as i sat there eating what someone brilliantly named: Guts.
No guts, No glory.
Then someone brought in some yummy coffee flavored wafers from China and they were only 30 cals each so i said what the hell? they were crispy, flaky, and airy. The coffee flavor was more like a dark chocolate flavor but wouldn’t you know it, i was drinking my coffee as I was munching- quite yummy!
Around lunch I drew some inspiration from the block of tofu in my fridge, a frozen package of vegetables in garlic sauce and a tub of grits in my cabinet.

The results? tasty. Grits were jazzed up with the garlicky sauce from the veggies and hte tofu was added for protein (and to get rid of it once and for all!). i enjoyed this but there was someting quite BORING about it. Give me a salad any day of the week!
Patti sent me a text asking if i had dinner plans. My dinner plans were to make a grilled cheese, cuddle with mickey and a beer and watch whatever reality tv trash that was on. So i replied “no plans yet, why?”
“cookin you dinner. Be here at 7”
Helllll yeah!
“YOu better not post that pic on your blog”
Me? humilate people? why would i do that?
Chef Patti.
Very juicy and flavorful chicken cutlet parmesean with a slice of Texas toast. Patti is a genius. She grills her texas toast and it has a delightful crispy surface and tender garlicky bread on the inside. I was so happy to come home to something other than a grilled cheese or bowl of oatmeal. and just when i was rubbin my belly and enjoying the sensation that comes with a homecooked meal and no cleaning dishes after, this lovely box was placed in front of me.

Leftovers from a party the night before. I went for the chocolate mousse cup in the upper left hand corner and managed to take a few bites before I declared “IM FULL!”
She told me to bring some home for my roomie, so i did. I put my mousse away in the fridge when we got home and madea mental note to attack it the following day for dessert part two; and didnt even think of putting a label on it. Roomie must have been overzealous because when i returned home, my half eaten- half licked dessert was gone as well as the other pieces from the box… i later confirmed that he ate it… even with my teeth marks still on it.
If i showed up at your place with my ice cream maker in tow and told you to create your very own flavor of ice cream, what would it be? What would inspire you? and can i put some vodka in it?