Hope you all missed me.
I took an unexpected day off yesterday for a doctors appointment to see once and for all what the H is wrong with me.
Just a little pinched nerve in my neck. A little discomfort that I ignored and allowed to travel down my arms and made me believe that my 20-something year old self might actually have carpal tunnel syndrome. I am my own worst enemy sometimes. Its amazing how your mind plays games with you. Almost instantaneously after my diagnosis, my neck started to hurt.
Can someone diagnose me as a skinny girl? It might actually make me eat better.
Can’t say the day was wasted though, it was a great day of relaxing with Mickey Girl and catching up with someone at the doctors office who knew me as “Mickey’s Mom” (Hi Patti’s momma in-law)
I FINALLY went grocery shopping and wanted to use some of my loot:
Natures Pride via Foodbuzz sent me some love. I have been keeping these babies in the freezer so they last longer, and so roomie doesnt find them.

I dusted off my mini george foreman grill and started to heat my buns (twss). and then got to work on my meat. (im on a roll- get it!)
I decided to try something different since i am the proud owner of a new spice rack and used some steak seasoning, garlic, onion, worcestshire sauce and a palmful of dried chives. I was just about ready to form the patties when i realized the fancy cheese i bought was not where i left it.
There was a pound of cheese and i had given permission to roomie that hes free to have some but made it clear it was “shared cheese”… He couldnt have…. he wouldnt….
but he DID eat my half eaten chocolate mousse…
via text “Yo, did you kill the cheese? I sure hope you didnt because i didnt get a single slice of it and that would mean you ate a pound of cheese in two days”
twenty minutes later:
“OMG Mo, Im sooooooo sorrrrry! i go buy some later”
But i couldnt wait till later and i improvised.
I found what was left of my mexican blend of shredded cheeses and threw them into the burger meat.

i scored the protions of meat into 4 sections to make hearty and even burgers.

and remembered a little trick i learned from my fellow cooking divas to dimple the patty before cooking it so the burgers dont get puffy.

Then i threw those babies on my sidekick, George, for some grillage and i watched in amazement

At the amount of oil and grossness that slid out of the burgers. I woulda gave george a high five but the risk of burnin my hand was too great..

and it was pretty much time to eat. I was especially frustrated when my burger was cooked and in light of CHEESE-GATE of 2010, i figured I needed a lil sum’ sum’ to chill me out a bit.

Homemade redbull (thanks Soda Stream!) and vodka. And just becuase I was being 2 years old with the “Mine! Mine! Mine!” attitude, i finished the vodka so I wouldnt have to hide it… Im so mature sometimes.

The bit of cheese that i added to my burger did not suffice. I should have sprinkled some on top. It did make for a juicy burger but whats a burger without some cheese???
Whats on your ideal burger? Cheese, onions, tomato, ketchup and pickles… but if all else fails JUST CHEESE Will make me sublimely happy!
Redbull and Vodka, yay or nay? YAY baby, YAY!