So the consensus is that ya’ll enjoy yourself some burgers but i think more of you were annoyed about the cheese- lol. And that means you are all cheese lovers after my own cheese loving heart and that if we lived together you would never touch my cheese…But really Great ideas for the burgers! I’m glad you all shared and I’m making note to add some avocados to my burgers and maybe even some spicy mustard and mayo! Great Ideas!
Im getting a little tired of my yogurt oats in the morning (blasphemy!) and decided that since i had a few more minutes i decided to make some eggs. this would have cost $2.50 from the cart… i got it for fweee (thats free in baby talk). it was good. and really filling. Its nice to change up your routines- it gives you something to look forward to!

Too bad you couldnt see how i tore this baby up. It was awesome. And probably the best scrambled eggs i have made to date. (there is a wrong way to scramble and egg!)

Lunch was a little on the lighter side. I found a spray version of a ranch dressing (awful- dont ever buy it) and made the mistake of spraying my salad with it… I will take the full fat version of my beloved ranch dressing because a little goes a LONG way! and While i was [impulse] shopping at lunch time i picked up some rice cakes and made sort of like rice cake crotons crumbled on my ensalada… pretty good too.
When i got home to prepare my suppah, there was someone sleeping in my bed.

Lazy girl.
I was rather hungry and decided to make somewhat of an express dinner… (note to self: start prepping dinner the night before!)

pressed some tofu and set it to bake while i made an accompanying side dish

i wanted some comfort…

but i made it healthy[ish] with some broc! and no dirtying another pot! just throw that broc on op of your pasta. when its done, strain and toss back in the pot and mix the powdered cheese… and try not to wish it was velveeta.

i let it set for a min while the tofu was still baking.. but dammit that tofu is taking forever!!!

But at least it was hot, i poured some terriyaki sauce on top and satisfied my hunger.
And it didn’t stop there. as I was washing dishes i made a quick batch of cuppycakes for a friend. ANd yes I added pudding to the mix for a moist and yummy cupcake!

When these babies were cool i removed the centers

and filled them with fluffy white frosting.

then replaced the tops and covered in chocolate frosting. For more step by step instructions you can see the last post i made these cupcakes here. I was HOT and tired so at some point i abandoned my camera. πŸ™‚ forgive me.
The end resulted in fluffy, yet moist, delicious cupcakes ever… and the birthday girl was greatful and those who were lucky enough to taste were impressed by the filling… for those that want to recreate i learned a new time saving trick! Remove the center of the cupcake with an apple corer!!! GENIUS!
For my TOFU eaters out there: Whats the Best way to Brown the tofu for that delicious crispy brown coating? (i really hope its not FRYING them! eeep!)I tried pan searing it but ended up losing the first layer of the tofu to the pan
And CUPCAKERS: Whats your Ultimate Cupcake? For me, its the capuccino cupcake from Crumbs.