Happy Monday.
Im glad most of you enjoyed the 2nd part of Mandingo/Baby Talk! I just want to throw it out there again that these stories are somewhat true but have been exaggerated for a comedic effect. I really appreciate all of you fighting for me and routing for me but its okay to laugh at it- i do! : -) (and im really touched that you all want whats best for me!)
Todays post is gonna be a short one for i have to admit that i am a little hungover. I partook in a 2 hr open bar at Bondi Road and managed to down 7 drinks in 2 hrs. There is nothing that can be said to explain my stupidity…only “I’m never drinking again” but we all know thats a lie. Perhaps no more drinking on a “school night”.
Egg whiets with broccoli and goat cheese with a toasted sandwich thin.

tofu shirtaki noodles with zucchini pearls and tofu chunks

the last of the pasteles.
Other than staying hydrated, what else might i do to get my mojo back?
How was your weekend?