Thanks for all the hangover tips.
Missy suggested i drink more- good one! LOL. But I didnt. I actually took the advice to eat something substantial and stay hydrated. Im so glad they suggested that! I was really thirsty!
Every day we receive annoying spam faxes at the office and one of them is a menu from a place called COLUMBINE. I dont know what is behind the name of this tiny little restaurant but their daily specials make my mouth water.
When i sent the email around “Whats for lunch?” I got a strong response when i suggested taking a walk to Columbine and eating in the park. I’ve always ordered delivery from them (way back when i was rich) and had never seen their establishment.
A ten minute walk away from the office revealed a sweet little sandwich shop with a line that extended outside of the store. It was about 20 people deep by the time we got there. Having had their sandwiches before, i knew why there was always a line here. The decor inside the joint is old timey. Photos and random little pieces of art make this place feel cozy… or it could just be that its so small that you automatically feel cozy. The warm hues inside just made me feel comfy. Too bad there is no where to sit in this heavenly place.

After a short wait, I have my lunch and have to wait for my coworkers. See how serene my sandwich experience is? and I havent even opened it yet!

We find a park nearby and sit on a bench underneath a tree. We also had to shoo away several of the ugliest pigeons i have ever seen. Im referring to birds in case anyone is having a flashback of the Sporty Thieves hit “No Pigeons”. Although it would be funny if i was shooing away girls wearing their best friends coat. ANYWAY. I grabbed a roasted chicken breast sandwich with chipotle mayo, red onions, beefsteak tomatoes and butter lettuce on a baguette. I paired it with a Grown Up Soda and a cookie for dessert. the damage? $17. There is a reason why i do not eat here every day and its because im not yet married to Bill Gates. Or the fact that i have rent to pay.

The sandwiches are made fresh daily. usually the sandwiches are premade but if you request a popular one or if you have special requests it will be made right on the spot. But it doesnt matter- these sandwiches never disappoint!

My only gripe is that you can’t look sexy eating this. the bread was a little chewy today and I was having a cute fight with my bread as i tried to convince my teeth to be sharp and saw this bread with every bite… but it required a little muscle. STILL GOOD THOUGH. i think i would opt for a toasted baguette (if the option is available).

my friend Karen had a deelish fresh mozzarella and arugula on a baguete with some pesto dressing. it was amazingly fresh tasting and delish.

… and for dessert i sunk my teeth into a food-gasmic chocolate chip cookie. I can’t even explain this cookie other than to suggest oompa loompa’s from Willie Wonka’s factory made this magical foodie powers. It was chewy, the chocolate chunks were semi melted and it wasn’t overly sweet. I needed milk… but whatever. If you want a GOOD chocolate chunk cookie, Columbine has it- it will set you back $2.50. Worth every penny.
Maybe they can charge by the bite?
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And then stop over Mari’s page to wish her a happy happy birthday! Its a milestone today!