MMM. Ya’ll love ya some pot pie. I was intrigued by a few of your comments. Julie and Naomi would like a sweet pot pie… ice cream and oreos? MMM. That would sure be interesting. And a new comment this morning totally blew my mind from We Are Not Martha: Lobster Pot Pie! I have totally had a lobster pot pie at the Kitchen Roscoe in Chi-town! To make that, Id use the same crust, mixed veggies and potatoes with the addition of cream of shrimp and chunks of lobster tail! yuuum!
I usually visit mom and dad on the weekends. Now that its summer mom and dad go to the pool and I stay in the AC because i melt in the sun. On one particular day mom and i, both stressed from the purgatory they call WORK, decided to meet up somewhere in between my office and hers for some STRONG Sangria… and some eats too.
Sazon. Not to be confused with Sofrito, this is the smaller more convenient upscale Puerto Rican spot. And they serve….you guessed it! PUERTO RICAN FOOD! The interior is gorgeous, The waiters are chivalrous and flirty and I am THIRSTY. At $12 a glass, their red sangria is more of a cocktail of everything they got plus a little sweet wine. I saw things like Grenadine, Triple Sec and even a splash of lime on the list of ingredients. So delicious you’ll want to chug it- but don’t! Even the seasoned Happy Hour Vets will feel the effects of this baby. But being that mom and I had a bad day we greedily “SIPPED”.

Ivan, our waitor brought out some pressed bread with a garlicky white bean puree. I slathered it all over my bread. and devoured. Mom likes her bread plain so i got to be greedy with the spread. And then we started to have a girly chat. When i pulled out my camera mom suggested we take a few camera phone clicks and post them on Facebook. my mommy is so pretty.

I, never wanting to be ordinary, take the opportunity to be silly, again.
We were hungry, but not starving and opted to order an appetizer, an entre and a side dish to pick and choose from. Sazon isnt cheap but you definitely get what you pay for.

We started with 2 mini chicken empanadas. These babies were STUFFED with seasoned chicken and probably were the equivalent of a regualar empanada they were so packed! and boy were they deeelish! (i could go for one right now)

Mom got a side of white rice with black beans…

and because of the size of this mammoth, i ordered the pernil to share with momma. Cant understand how big it is?

THIS BIG. delicious. by the time mom and i were done there was shredded pork everywhere… we were stuffed… and managed to down another sangria. Sazon on Urbanspoon Wasnt too bad. But when we parted ways to go to our respective boroughs, the humidity met with my blood alcohol level and sweat started to pour out of me like a faucet. It was disgusting. I was still melting on my airconditioned train ride home. GROSS.
WHen i got home I got a text from Patty who asked what i was doing that night… and becuase I was so hot I answered “Making Ice Cream”.
Bless her heart, she immediately wrote back: “Excellent. tell me what you need and I will bring it over”
And thats how my drunk ass got started making ice cream
I beat some eggs and sugar together and tossed them into my ice cream maker with some heavy cream and skim milk. I set it to churn for 30 mins

at 25 mins I threw in some crushed oreos.

And then me, patti, and my new friend Nicole had a movie night with ice cream.
Whats your idea of the perfect eve with the girls/mom?