Before i get into the meat and potatoes of this post, I would like to let you know that Mari might very well track me down and kill me for what I am about to post. And with that I will say This might be my last post LOL
This week will be a lovely recap of my week last week with the lovely Carol visiting from Cali and the Milestone Birthday for Ms Namaste Mari herself…. It was quite a week.
Carol and I spent Friday shopping in the rain and using up Groupons left and right… but that will be for another day (perhaps tomorrow). The weather was muggy and HOT and the heat pretty much kicked our ass. We took our tired asses to Queens where I got the chance to walk Mickey, change and steal a free ride on the LIRR to meet Mari and Co at 5 burro Cafe for her birthday dinner.
Carol and I were the first to arrive and made reservations for our group of 5. How long was the wait on a friday evening? One hour.
Not kidding.
So what do two sexy divas do when they are early for a party? Pregame of course. Carol and I order a strawberry margarita and munch on some chips and salsa to lessen the effects of the ass kicking margs. About 30 mins later we were done with round one and ordered round two when these lovelies walked in….
Mari was desperately craving a pina colada and as luck would have it… the machine was broken. Damn Machine! We tried coming up with tropical themed drinks but the grumpy bartender told us they wouldnt taste good and he wasnt going to make them. So Mari settled for a Strawberry margarita. Missy wanted an apricot margarita but there was clearly something wrong with the machine as I watched Missy struggled to mix her margarita with the apricot syrup… it looked like a milk shake and we wasnt having that…so she changed hers to a strawberry like the rest of us. OH! and Gigi was there!

Okay, so i ordered a 3rd one… i was getting full on margs and chips and the margaritas were hitting me kinda hard… probably becuase i didnt have any food in my system (and the two beers i drank earlier during my shopping trip).
we started to get a lil silly while we ate.

I take back what i said earlier. Mari wont kill me, my Father will.

Here I am showing off my cute feather headband that Carol was so kind to lend me… and it kinda matched my outfit purrrfectly! Diva status.

Can you tell Mari is a lil tipsy? Carol is just sexifyin the camera…. and im well, just cheezin.

Gigi wanted in on the camera action.

and even though they are drunk, they are STILL food bloggers. Oh you guys!

Can you tell Mari is drunk yet? Not yet?

What about Missy? No, not quite just yet.

What about me and Carol? There is a good chance. I was trying to impersonate razor ramone… and then no one knew what the H i was talking about… so we pose.

Drunk yet? a little bit closer than you think

There it is. Shes drunk. And what do you do when you have several potent margaritas on your 30th birthday party?

You go next door to the bar for cute boys to buy shots, of course. Only, there werent any cute boys. We all bought eachother a round from a sweet irish bartender named TIM who Mari insisted be called Shawn. EIGHT shots later….

Some dancing

Cool bar games like tap tap and porno poses….

and butt grabbing. We had a fun night. Here I am posing with this chick. her name is Michelle, she is from Rockland county, she grabbed my ass and told me she loved me… i might have told her i loved her too. In the end we were all so sad we didnt get her info cuz searching for Michelle from Rockland county on Facebook sounds like a pain in the ass.
I discovered that this group of ladies that i hung with were fantabulous dancers… Oh and Mari has a thing for the THONG SONG.
How was your weekend?
Whats the weirdest memory you have from a night out with the girls?