On one of the muggiest days of the week i took the day off to hang with Carol. I started the day with a trip to the blood bank to make a platlette donation. I was a bit pressed for time and I kinda got lost looking for the blood bank. when i finally got there the lady at reception said my donation was going to take 2 hours. I only had about an hour to spare…. So i postponed for another day.
I met up with Carol for a giant cup of coffee and a peak in her awesome hotel room. From there we decided to hit the city and do some shopping since the weather was brutally STICKY! No sooner than we exit the building does it start to rain! There goes our walk! We headed to herald sqaure and spotted an Ann Taylor Loft that was going out of business.
I took a chance in there because usually when there is a sale like that my size is hard to find. I found plenty of skirts and dresses but they were very unflattering. Seriously, who brought back pleats??? i need to drop kick them!
I walked out with a fabulous scarf and skirt… for practically nothing. 🙂 We hit some other stores and i managed to buy a new outfit… i havent gone shopping for myself in a very long time.
When we were done shopping our tummies started growling and we followed our grumbly tummies to BAR 29 where Carol scored an awesome Groupon! (if you havent had the chance to sign up for Groupon, what are you waiting for?? lol) When its sticky and rainy outside, a walk to 3rd ave is agony… but when we sat down we soon realized it was well worth the wait. We were greeted with a Pandora station that played the best music that i have heard in forever. How awesome is it when you know every song on the radio? We were given the sandwich menus and i got laughed at for takin a pic of the menu. The things I endure for you!

I think i had a summer ale… im not quite sure. But it was amazingly refreshing after being in the steamy city. Carol and I decided when looking at the menu that we would go halv-sies so we can try two things at once.

Carol ordered the Pavarotti. Salami, smoked mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, artichokes and sweet peppers on stirato. This sandwich was awesome. I was all about the texture of this bread as it was chewy yet soft and the perfect compliment to the innards of this sandwich. One thing i will say though, this sandwich requires a roll of paper towel. Oily goodness dripped all over my hands.

I decided to order the Marina. Smoked chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, arugula and sundried tomatoes on Pizza Bianca. This sandwich was PERFECTION. Perfect blend of fresh ingredients. light tasting but oh so satisfying. I might have been a little sad i shared my sammie. LOL. I cant wait to go back for more!

Anthony, our bartender was fiddling with a new spirit: Absolut Acai Berry. We were chatting him up, cuz i thought he was adorable in a hippie kind of way, and he said the Marina was a def fav. woo hoo! I also found out that Anthony is from Queens but lives in Brooklyn! small world. So I will def be going back for a good sammich… and some good chatting with an awesome bartender.
Why is he so awesome?

Cuz he made this drink for Carol. 1 oz Cran juice, 1 oz triple sec, 2 oz Absolut Acai Berry over ice… insanely deelish! I stole a few sips. It needs a name.
What would you name Carols Berry Vodka Concoction?