The following day of Mari’s Birthday Drunk Fest, i woke up slightly hungover… thanks to the coconut water i chugged before bed. I was craving a bagel with the works: eggs, cheese and sausage… but didn’t feel like going outside just yet. So i made a bowl of oats and waited for Carol who was coming over to spend her last night in NYC with yours truly.
She braved the heat and the weekend train service to Queens and as we cooled off in my apartment, the grumble in our stomachs led us on a new adventure.
I absolutley love my neighborhood. Since moving to Queens three years ago I have discovered some awesome finds and when i was happy with my selection, I stopped searching. Carol, suggested we try something else for a change. I knew that with the weather being as muggy and awful as it had been taht i was craving a visit to Eddie’s sweet shop on Metropolitan ave. I immediately thought of My Kitchen.
We took a short bus ride to Forest Hills and were disappointed to find that My Kitchen was closed for a bridal shower. We hung our heads in disappointment and walked just a few steps over to the Theatre Cafe which was not only open, but cozy!
On a good day, each of these seats are packed. I’ve always made a note to stop by here but im not a huge fan of dining alone…

But that might change since its an ideal spot to people watch. The interior is cozy. The AC is blasting. Exposed brick and a fireplace with sofas and comfy chairs for those coming in for a cup of coffee. And cute little round table for eaters.
HI, I’m an eater.
The menu is reasonably price and offered a nice selection of food. Carol and I decided to go half-sies again.
She opted for a pressed sandwich with cooked ham, cucumbers and cheese. I tried half of this baby and i loved it. It reminded me of a cuban sandwich (minus a few other meats).

I had a pizza/quesadilla esque kinda thing… it was good. But Carol’s sandwich was better. They also had an amazing iced coffee that i drank like a crackhead taking their first hit of the day.
We paid our bill and exited. Only a few steps away…..

A sweet lil shop with homemade EVERYTHING.

And still had the old school ice boxes it came with when it was built many years ago. Carol and I had a hard time deciding what to order. Everyone around us seemed to be ordering shakes, ice cream sodas and one scoop sundaes. And when we saw the fresh whipped cream we knew our decision…

Carol got the peach ice cream with caramel sauce, whipped cream and a cherry.

I got the Cherry Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and crushed walnuts and a cherry.
There are no words to describe how amazing the sundae was. The ice cream was sweet and fresh tasting and the whip was just straight up whipped cream, no sugar, no added crap. It was light and fluffy. And i was sad it was finished.
I believe i will be returning to both of these joints soon… maybe even alone to people watch and eat a good sammie!
Do you like dining alone?
Favorite ice cream?
Sundaes or milkshakes?