Soggy Thursday!
Guys my schedule is so crammed. Can i have a few extra hours so i can catch up on sleep? I would really appreciate that!
Im playing catch up on the blog too.
Last week was Cheese Eater’s birthday. If you don’t recall, Cheese Eater is my roommate. The dude that I live with. The dude who ate my cheese. His new name is cheese eater. He doesn’t know this. But if he ever read this blog, he might feel better knowing I didn’t tell everyone his FULL name. (but you get a sneak peak at his name in a few mins LOL)
As is my tradition, I make cakes for my friends on their birthday’s or something equally deelish if they dont like cake (but really, who DOESN’T Like cake??) I also had a bajillion things to do the week of Cheese Eaters Birthday; like the office picnic I organized. And the tray of macaroni and cheese i promised to bring.
I ran home two nights before the picnic with bags of groceries and I got to work. I was armed with fans to keep me cool in my hot ass kitchen and i got to work on some mac and cheese and a cake.
I started by boiling a large pot of water for the elbow macaroni.
While the water was getting hot, I mixed up some cake batter (store bought people, im not a machine) and added a little vanilla pudding to the yellow cake mix (for that extra moist texture) and cleaned up some dishes.
er, with soap and water of course. I promise i didnt use that whisk after i licked it.
I set the cake to bake and by taht time the elbow macaroni was ready for drainage and seasoning.

I seasoned the macaroni with Adobo, butter, skim milk, and a spoonful of garlic aioli mustard spread. It really brings out the sharpness of the cheddar. OH and i added a cup of shredded sharp cheddar cheese. I added the seasoned mac to a foil pan and layered a bunch of macaroni followed by a bunch of cheese until i reached the top. I sprinkled the top liberally with cheddar cheese and added a can of evaporated milk to the macaroni. I covered it with foil and baked it for 30 mins on 400*.

And later on, Cheese Eater’s Cake was ready. Yellow cake with raspberry filling and white frosting. We all ate a slice. 75% of this cake is residing in my freezer. Consensus: Cheese Eater does not like yellow cake…(or brown rice).
On the day of hte picnic I packed a million bottles of iced water, mac and cheese and games to central park. I really had kicked myself for planning this event because it was a really hot day and I was likely to get heat stroke if i was in the sun for too long and given the fact that it was my picnic i had to be there from start to finish.
My dear old Dad came all the way from Brooklyn to Queens, picked me up, and took me to Central Park. ( i love my papa) I, of course, was the first one there. and I was all alone. i picked a spot under a tree and layed down. I quickly realized the grass was soaked and now, so was my ass.
I got there at 11 and around 1230, people started to arrive.
And I was the only one who remembered to bring a blanket. So my blanket became the food blanket and everyone sat on the perimeter. One person was responsible for bringing utensils. All the food was ready to be eaten at 1. at 130 and still no utensils people started to get cranky- as did i. But we were rescued when someone happened to bring a few plates and forks.
the utensils person showed up at 230. NOT COOL.

My mac and cheese was the first to go.

and there was an abundance of CARBS.

And someone brought kripsy treats.

There was a steady flow of people coming and going and as the day went on, the sun got hotter and hotter.

and more and more salty offerings were being presented.

ANd doggies came! I really wished i brought mickey but i didnt want to subject her to hours of direct sun… one heat stroke is enough LOL.

My friend, and reader, Ariel brought the most amazing 5 layer bars i have ever had…

and Paula Deen’s Carrot Cake. It tasted like a spiced cake! her secret: Carot Baby food.

It was moist and delicious and I got to take the rest of this baby home.
Towards the end of hte afternoon, around 5, people started to pack up and i started to feel faint. I had only drank 3 bottles of water but by the time i started drinking, the water was really really warm. Not very refreshing.
I was offered a ride home and thank goodness becuase I spent the next few hours suffering the effects of heat stroke. Wheres my coconut water when i need it?!!?!
Whats your favorite picnic food?
How to avoid the negative effects of too much sun/heat?