Ah, What a lovely weekend thinking about my first love. The Comments were sparse…is it my lack of drama that kept you silent? Or was it the fact that you were busy floating on puffy clouds of love that you felt no need to break free from the zen-like state?
Really, i think its the lack of drama. I peeped my google analytics and see that Mandingo has become the top searched item on my site… how the hell did that happen?!?! i thought you all hated him. lol.
And will note that story time is inspired by true life events. Writing it last week made me all mushy and remniscent of my first love… SIGH!
I dont know what my schedule with writing will be like this week as I am STOKED to be attending BLOGHER this year! IF any of you will be attending please hit me up! I would love to meet ya’ll!

So…i made mention that I have started menu planning some time ago. Its going on Week THREE and menu planning is a HUGE Success as well As Money-Saver! I fell into a serious food rut and would imagine cooking up stuff on my way home to work and then be so ravenous that I would just eat any (and every) thing. Not Good.
I dusted off my cookbooks and made it a sunday night ritual to peruse my cookbooks and choose 2 – 3 new recipes per week to try, buy the groceries that I need and then plan the days to cook (and freeze leftovers for “I DONT WANNA COOK” days- Genius, right?)
The pot pie was a success. The burger, minus the cheese, was a success… so i decided to keep the momentum going.
Another burger recipe. Courtesy of Rachael Ray. I have quite a few of her cookbooks and these annoying post it notes in them marking the recipes that I want to try. This one sounded interesting and I had mostly everything on the ingredients so… i decided to give it a whirl.

One pound of ground turkey. They didn’t have ground chicken. I once saw tv show on TLC where a woman was yelling at her husband because she asked for ground chicken and he came home with ground turkey… Ugh! I say whatever!
So, getting away from that rant, this recipe intrigued me because of the addition of a very unique, to me anyway, ingredient.

Rachael loves her some anchovies. When i used to watch her show religiously she had an anchovy in her recipes like 2 times per week, and she said the same thing each time: “they taste like salted nuts”. Wanting to finally put that curiosity to rest, i opted to add them into the recipe.

They stink. So far, im not buying the “salted nut” notion.

Greasy little fuckers too. And because I’m ever curious, i popped one of these babies in my mouth.
Rachael lied.
They taste like salty fish nuts. correction. SALTY is an understatement. I needed water stat. But i added them to my burgers because i wanted the TRUE experience.. and i shelled out $3 for anchovies, you better beleive i was gonna use them.
1 lb of ground poultry, 1 palmful of parm cheese, anchovies, 3 minced cloves of garlic, 1 tablespoon of Worcestshire sauce, splash of lemon juice, sprinkle of parsley and salt and coarse black pepper.
Mix them all up.
Form them into patties.
(normally, i would use my george forman grill for leaner burgers, but the grill was all the way up on the top shelf and I didnt feel like climbing today) so i pan fried them (gasp!) and dont forget to put a little thumb print in the middle! I made a baby one to sample first.

While the burgers were cooking, i helped myself to some Korean Raspberry wine.

AMAZINGLY good. Very sangria-esque. But drinking wine in a hot kitchen is idiotic. And then i started sweating profusely.

So when burgers were done, I took the babyone in the middle, eated it, and declared it was yummy and that the salted fish nuts had disolved into yummyness- MAGICAL! and in my hurry to bolt out of the hot ass kitchen I neglected to photograph my delicious burger.
My only change for next time would be to add more parm cheese and flatten these a bit more… they were a little on the fat side.
ANY unique burger recipes?
What did you do this weekend?
What is your biggest pet peeve?
Are you going to BLOGHER???