Raise your hand if you’re excited for BlogHer!

Weeeeee! Silly Mickey! She gets to go to her aunt Patti’s house while Momma scores swag bags and makes new friends.
My life is so hard sometimes.
Especially when it comes to eats.
Food. GLORIOUS Food.
My weakness: New York Bagels.
My Savior?
Thomas’ Bagel thins. 100 calories of Bagel. Do i miss the other million Cals? Sometimes but I really love the bagel “feeling”. Especially with Whipped Cream Cheese. Drool.
At lunch, i was craving some takeout. But i was really TRYING to be good. So…

I ordered chicken with mixed veggies with brown rice and the sauce on the side. I put 1/3 of the portion on a small plate and ate to my hearts content. The smaller plate really helps. I had leftovers for another day. And the sauce on the side only sucked a little…but nothing beats the taste of fresh veggies. (maybe the taste of fried chicken… )
Later on, i hit the pavement with Mickey and it started to pour, We ran to Patty’s house for cover…

And mickey was happy because Patti keeps the good treats on hand. Look at Mickey’s Focus on that bacon. SMH. Like my nails? πŸ™‚
And of course My Patti cooked dinner and made enough for me. Since i missed almost ALL of the street fairs this summer, I was so happy to hear patti say she was making sausage and peppers! My fav street food!
I would normally post pics of her cooking but the last time I did that she sent me a death threat via text and I cant die Before BlogHer… I just cant.

Once again, it was awesome to have a nice dinner with friends (and no dishes to clean) and play with the doggies. I just learned that Patti has RockBand.. and DJ Hero. There will be more time away from the Mo-Tel and lots of time at Chez Patti for some game time. HEEEELLLL YEAH.
Whats your favorite Street Food?
WHen you are DYING for takeout, how do you make it healthy? (or do you just go for broke and order what you want?)