Just when i thought I was starting to get a grip on this caffeine addiciton, they go and do this!
Instant iced coffee. Really starbucks!?! Really!? SO now in addition to my morning cup of crack, i have to make an extra purchase of emergency iced coffee… whats that you say? Its slightly sweetened… OKay, make that two boxes.
You never know when i might wake up late and not have time to prepare a bottle of iced deliciousness…. like this day. All i had time to do was grab an empty bottle (a starbucks bottle at that) and go. When i got to my desk I examined the mystery grinds…

Lightly sweetened? thats a lot of white stuff in whats supposed to be instant coffee grinds…Whatever, i will take it.
Pretty decent too… except for the 100 calorie price it comes with from all that SUGAR! they saw me coming… and they will see come back for more and more. Especially if they are issuing treat receipts.
Around lunch time I realized to my horror that i did not have any more salad dressing and my salad was alarmingly devoid of any protein. When my buddy asked if we could hit WHOLE Foods, i said HECK YES.
So i brougth my salad with me and scored a delish dressing that i have been dying to buy: Ancho Chipotle Vinaigrette. Tasty sounding right? Totally is!

and some love beans on the side. I had my first wheatberry! loved it!

Speaking of love… have you tried the tres leches cake at whole foods? My buddy did and has been on a search every day for the tres leches cake. i must say, it was good!
When i got home i was looking forward to the next item on the menu: Croque Monsiuer. A fancy name for grilled cheese… but its french so its even more fancy. (Recipe in the link above)

I should have known taht my excitment over this was going to set me up for disappointment…

One, i got the wrong bread. I needed a baguette. I got italian bread. Gasp. bread is bread tho so i made do… and i sliced it fancy (maybe) just so i can feel more french. My name being french is not enough. (Mo Diva is french)
I prepared a bechamel of sorts with milk, butter, nutmeg, and dijon mustard. I dipped the bread in the sauce and made a sandwich of baked ham and swiss… then grilled it on a griddle pan.

And in the “it can only happen to you, Mo” category, i opened my swiss cheese to find a pile of cheap american government cheese. You deli-counter scoundrels! Charging me for swiss cheese and giving me yellow american…my aching heart. Can i ever catch a break when it comes to cheese?
I made do…begrudingly.

They came out pretty but they were lack luster. I was not impressed. I could have made a better sandwich with sliced bread, butter, garlic, tomatoes and cheese. But sometimes you gotta make a bad recipe till you find a good one.
Maybe next time i will make a monte cristo?
Do you have a grocery store fail? or a shopping fail?
I will never forget the day (when i was still dating henry) that we shopped all day long looking for a harness for him to go mountain climbing. ALL damn day. and we were about an hour away from home. He finally finds a harness and goes to try it on. The package says L but the harness says XS… maj fail. we had to get back in the car and drive to west bubble fuck to return the thing…good times.