I’m baack!
Well, technically, i never left since BlogHer ’10 was in New York City this year. I was a mere trainride away. Sweeeet.
I was so stoked in February when I received a BlogHer Scholarship! I volunteered to do registration desk and got lucky with the first shift of the day on both days. On Thursday, Like a good little blogger, i posted a recipe and made a note to post part two of my first love, I mean Josie’s first love. But it will have to wait till this upcoming Friday.
On Thursday, I had a pretty lazy day. I arrived at the Hilton at 4 to go to my Volunteer training session. But before I went there I got my swag and conference badge.
Yes! Thats me!!!! (I later got a reprint with just my site and Name because people were squinting at my badge which was conveniently located on my boobies… awkward!)

I knew i would eventually forget to take pics of signage so i took one just in case (and yes, this is the ONLY sign I got).

I got my SWAG bag from BlogHer. One of many swag bags.
Officially, the first day of BlogHer started on Friday but there were a few parties for Thursday night. If anyone is going to Blogher ’11, make sure you sign up for parties the moment they are posted! If not, you end up getting labeled as a party crasher, and if you’ve been keeping up with my tweets, you will have seen many references to crashing parties.
But I was smart and made friends with the bouncers…
The first party i was invited to and decided not to RSVP because I had no idea what to expect. Im such an ass sometimes. This was the social fiesta, a party for Latina Bloggers. Since i got there when they first opened up i had to wait a while before i got to go in…

But there was a mariachi band that was fun to listen to while i waited.

And made friends with! This is Lindsay, shes a mommy and shes a blogger. This was my first card exchange! HI LINDSAY!

We snagged a table that was close to the food. Typical Mo, real typical.
It was beautifully set up!

And had i known this was going to be the best food of hte night, i would have eaten more.

I got a steak soft taco and a pork soft taco… along with a mini chicken empanda and a mini beef patty. The tacos were awesome. I had skipped lunch so this was a nice meal to freeload on.
Followed by a dessert of Churros…. they were a little cold. 😦
The fiesta ladies were really letting loose. The music was great and they all started to dance. I danced in my seat…
i didnt have any drink tickets (which is WHY you must RSVP!) so i was nursing my water like a good girl… and soon decided i should head over to the next party to crash.
The People’s Party. I was really stoked about this party because it was being hosted by my favorite bloggers… whom sadly were not there.

But Jen was there! And my duo became a TRIO! And soon after Lauren met up with us! A nice little group of 4 at the people’s party. Lauren had a drink ticket (LUCKY!)

Finger foods. There will be a lot of these from here on out. Unfortunately i have no REAL idea of what was served here. Becuase if it looked like bruschetta it certainly did not taste like bruschetta…

And if it looked like a slider…. it certainly was something that really wanted to be a slider.

It was raw in the middle. The cheese was weird, it had a slice of squash in it, the ketchup was unsettlingly sweet, and the buns were auditioning to be the new official hockey pucks of the NHL 2011 edition.

The other stuff was decent at best and I was playing with my food waiting for the next party to begin.
I dubbed the People’s Party a snoozer, I was yawning non stop. The music stunk and the food was just blah. I had regretted leaving the social fiesta and decided to call it a night when the bouncer saw me. His name is Randy.
Randy: Where you going girl?
Me: Im gonna head home. That last party was a real snoozer!
Randy: Aren’t you going to crash Queerosphere??
Me: Nah, its okay. Im really tired.
Randy: No, im not gonna let you leave. YOu have to go!…. (sensing my NO) they have an ESPRESSO MACHINE!
Me: Okay, im there.
And I was SOOO glad I was there. It was beautifully presented! And I got camera happy.

And recognized a very yummy treat….

FLAAAAN! I think its pretty funny how we party crashed and hoarded all the good food from each party! I grabbed a plate and left it at my table while i shopped for more goodies.

Chocolate cups filled with fruit and chocolate mousse.

Small delicious things!

Here’s my damage. And a decaf cappuccino. I got a decaf becuase it was already 930 and I had to get up at 5 the following day for BlogHer Day 1.
I loved the little tea sandwiches. The chocolate mousse cup was amazing, the flan was good, and everything was decent. I left holding my belly and in desperate need for my bed… and a shoulder rub- swag is heavy.
Tomorrow: I hit the registration desk and the Expo Halls (hard – thats what she said!)