Words alone cannot express the things I am taking with me from this conference. I went without a single expectation (for the exception of swag) and was overwhelmed by the sense of empowerment, the confidence and even the pride we all have in our blogs.

I was surrounded by women who share the same passion as me.
We pour our hearts out to strangers via this wonderful thing we call the internet. We laugh, we cry, we bitch. We BLOG.
We blog about what we eat. How we live. Who we love. Being a mom. Saving money. Being Fashionable. Politcal. Taking Kick Ass Photos. Even turning shit luck into a funny story.
But in the end, what it all comes down to is
We are the superheros of our own lives and blogs. We make shit happen. We unite. We Kick Ass.
We support each other. We are there for one another and take silly christmas photos, even though its August and its more than 90 degrees outside. We connect… We make friends……that will last a lifetime. Or at least until the next conference.
We take home a lot of crap. And give ourselves stiff necks and back pain for the sake of a four letter word: F-R-E-E. (for anyone that wants to see what I brought home, i created a Flickr account Here.)
My conference badge to BlogHer may have been free. But I paid with my time, and my sacrifice of sleep… but my experience is and will always remain PRICELESS.