Hey, its friday! TWO POSTS in ONE DAY all before 11am!
Story time post is up… but if some of you aren’t in the mood for a story or the sweet treat I left for you at the end of the post… here is something on the savory side.
Yet another awesome dish i got from the Take 5 Cookbook. I have owned this book for a little less than a month and ALREADY the spine has broken! lol. I wore it out. I saw the most BEAUTIFUL peppers at the market the other day and I wanted them so badly… the first thing that popped into my head was stuffed peppers and i was even more delighted to know that my take 5 cookbook had a recipe…
but as I read the recipe, i found I didnt want to make it the way it was in the cookbook… so here’s my version with some tweaks and improvs.
I set some rice to steam. I seasoned the rice with salt and basil. While the rice was cooking, i started to cook a pound of lean ground beef.
I seasoned the ground beef with adobo… but feel free to use whatever you like to season ground beef. I mean, this will be YOUR dinner so why not season it the way you want! Oh and I think soy crumbles would work nicely in this recipe for my vegetarians (Hi Mari!). I cooked the beef until it was no longer pink and broke it up into crumbles.
When the rice was cooked i added it to the beef and stirred it around to get the rice and the beef well acquainted.

Give it a taste… it might need more seasoning. At this point I sprinkled a little bit of salt and pepper. Just cause i can.
I then grabbed my peppers. Cut them in half and removed the seeds and ribs. I filled the peppers to the top with the beef and rice mixture. Sprinkled it with sharp cheddar cheese, cover with a sheet of tin foil, and place them in a baking pan on 400* for 25 minutes.
I poured some vegetable juice into the pan… for no other reason than I wanted to use it up…lol. And it looks pretty, i guess?

Try not to eat your screen. I served myself two pepper halves because one was not enough. these babies were awesome and i shared the loot with my mom and dad who arent really big fans of the Pepper…

They asked if i had any more…
Def gonna make these again but want to try them with soy crumbles for a leaner and lower calorie pepper! yum!