That’s PourHouse… with a U.
But if you havent guessed yet… I was cashing in yet another groupon. When Paul found out, his heart broke a little… but he got over it.
The Groupon was for a beer flight which, I have to say, im a big fan of beer samplers… Its a great way to try new things without getting stuck with something you dont like… odds are you will find several things you like!
When i bought this Groupon oh so many months ago I didnt think I would wait till the very last minute to cash in on it… but im glad i did. I called my first foodie friend Jess and invited her out for some good old BEER and Girl talk. My favorite subjects.
When i arrived at the Pourhouse, I spent a few minutes outside when it started to POUR. So i went inside and grabbed a table. This was very weird for me. I’m normally a very outgoing person but find as of late that i dread being alone in new places. I am very envious of people that can just be alone… and be okay with it. But the new me is all about pushing myself to the limit… so I did what any nervous girl alone in a bar would do.
Checked Email.
And played with the menu…
Its funny though, when i lived in Williamsburg, a mere 3 train stops away from this gem, i NEVER gave this place a thought… look at Groupon expanding my horizons! lol
Just when i was getting comfortable on my own at PourHouse, a very soggy Jess walked through the door. She obviously doesnt believe weathermen when they say chance of rain is 100%… She air dried and checked out the menu with me…

I loved that each item on the menu had a beer pairing right next to it! Genuis! But i had my heart set on the beer flight… good to know for next time though. (Spoiler alert: yes, there will be a next time).

My beer flight arrived. And I was a happy girl. Now, i will tell you beer people that i know SHIT about beer. All i know is “good” and “gross”. I pretty much loved all the beers for the exception of the last one… tasted like apple cider… wimpy beer!

And because the waitress probably figured the same thing when she saw me, she wrote down the list of my beers. But she didnt really think it through…some of these beers- okay all of these beers- are beers i have never heard of. I would have liked to have a Full list with names and descriptions… but what should I expect from a dive(ish) type of bar? I should be lucky to have gotten silverware (which i did btw). Jess ordered $2 beer. Jess is a smart girl.
WE then ordered food.
Cuz drinking beer is always better when you got food. Jess ordered the “Chips” and they were like nachos but with hand cut fries instead. Smothered in Cheese… and Ranch, i think.
The first thing that caught my eye were the garlic fries.
HOLY STINK WAD! These were intensely garlicky. BUT SO DAMN GOOD! Jess Assured me that it was okay to eat them because she had altoids… and i wasnt going home to kiss anyone so i ate them. Stinky breath and all!

And then, in the spirit of GREED, i ordered the pretzel crusted chicken. Because it was the first time that i had ever seen it in a restaurant… and not on my blog or on Rachael Ray! Sad to say, that it wasnt what I was expecting. It just tasted like a really crunchy piece of fried chicken… some spicy mustard probably would have helped.
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Jess and I had a great time drinking beer, talking about boys, and BlogHer! We were finishing up when Jess asked if we should hit the bar next door for $2 shots or take a walk in search of dessert…
where did we go?