If you guessed dessert was the next stop for me and Jess yesterday after a few beers and stinky fries, you guessed right!
Jess is a foodie. Jess always brings me to the bestest places and this is certainly one of them. She knows I don’t discriminate deliciousness…if its good i will surely eat it.
If its great, i will surely go back…
Spot is a cute little dessert bar on 13 St. Marks Place in the village. Its located on the lower level so look carefully because you dont want to miss this baby.
Its cutely adorned with simple little touches that make this joint cozy and make for a sweet spot for you and a special someone… my special someone is Jess tonight.
We were seated by an enthusiastic and super friendly lady who was very attentive in keeping our water glasses filled and our every need met… well not EVERY need…every DESSERT need.
Jess, a veteran SPOT diner, recommended several things before she zoned in on a new menu item.
Corn Crema. Essentially, from the small taste jess allowed me to take, it was a creamy sweet corn pudding of sorts with a delicious coconut crisp sticking out of it. I adored the little spoons provided with the awesome cubed bowl…

I couldnt decide between the cookie or the ice cream… so i got both. Being a food blogger almost REQUIRES it, no? Since it was muggy and disgusting outside i ordered a scoop of the Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream. Aside from the fact that i love coffee ice cream, i love that this ice cream was more like a strong coffee with a touch of sweetness instead of the sugary cafe con leche ice cream types that i have had. It was creamy and everything i had wanted it to be… and it was nicely presented in a chilled dish with that cute little spoon i was talking about! (im guessing was to make sure i took human bites…)
Then this mammoth cookie appeared in front of me. The coconut Chocolate Chunk cookie.
When i broke it in half to make Jess share it with me, I was filled with excitement to see that this room temperature cookie was gooey inside despite its lack of heat… And it was chewy, but not too chewy…. and there was a slight coconut presence that Im happy to say didnt take away from the chocolate party happening in my mouth.
I filled out a comment card. I must have been high on delicious dessert because I totally whored out my blog for the owner to see… She might be reading right now… I LOVE THIS PLACE.
I will be coming back. I hear the bubble tea is amazeballs.
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Now, as for those of you who thought I would go do shots after beer… had it been a friday night you would have been right!
Everything in Moderation kiddos!
I gotta go retake my learners permit test…because im 16. not 26.