Last week I got a mani/ pedi with momma bear and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to get another one…
And because torturing you with photos of my food and dog, you now have to see my mani..

and pedi.
TOESIES! I hate my feet, mostly from the scars under my big toes and pinky toes. I had bad feet in High School and had to have surgeries to fix some nasty bunions. Which got me the sweet nickname of Bunion Queen when i was 17. ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” will never be fun for me any more. I seriously have no secrets with ya’ll. *muah* So take me and my ugly feet for what we are and enjoy it!
After my crack tastic mani pedi, i met up with Patti and her Hubs for dinner. And NOT Korean. They wanted to go to Cheeburger, Cheeburger. And since i made them sit through Korean, i begrudingly (yeah right, who am i kidding) tagged along for burgers and whatnot.
We got there around 7 and there was a MASSIVE amount of Children in the joint. And there was a 20 min wait for a table…

I chose my wait time to look at the menu. I was immediately overwhelmed becuase there are SO MANY choices! You cant just order a burger, you order a burger with a list of 20 different toppings and 6 different cheeses (you know this one was hard- twss), and a million things to drink!

What to eat, what to eat…

The decor is bright and old timey, like a sock hop diner from the 50’s.

When we were finally seated, I had a better idea of what I was going to order.

and since everyone else was ordering a shake, i ordered one too… which is never smart…especially when you are lactose intolerant. But Im an idiot that way and I always think I’ll be okay.. more often than not I am oKay… but sometimes I gotta learn the hard way.

Got some water in… Love their mason jars!

And I should be scared by this slogan…

I decided to order a HALF order of fries and onion rings… I barely made a dent in this mother. Can you believe this thing was ONLY $5!?!?!

Than the REGULAR size shake came. Good Lord! Im gonna die.

I ordered the 1/4 pounder with cheese and guac. It was a bit greasy… definitely needed a million napkins to eat this burger and that was after cutting it in half and squeezing it a bit….
Vinny, who is the MAN, ordered the Pounder

Can you see the difference? They have a wall of fame for people who finish the pounder… and more disturbing: a wall of fame for kids who finish the 1/2 pounder. That bothered me. BIG TIME.

Not bothered by the mammoth burger: Vinny.
Shortly after dinner, and a few glugs of my milk shake… i learned my lesson. I have never known agony like that ever! And now I know that if my mortal enemy and I are having a duel and I want this person to suffer, i will give my immortal enemy (who will def be lactose intolerant) a giant DAIRY laden milk shake that will make them double over in pain and wish for death.
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