There was a 2nd and 3rd date. And each time you met with him the image of pinkie dances made you laugh.
HE thought you were just being adorable… because you are really adorable.
But the dates were going well and you were pretty sure that he wanted to go a little bit further than just a hug.
It was time to face the music. But really, how bad could it be? You are really being silly letting your friends dictate your thoughts about a guy they have yet to spend 5 minutes with.
At the end of the 3rd date, you’re in his 3rd car.
(Oh yeah, He picked you up in three different cars on different 3 different days. The 2nd Car was a Navigator and on this day, date #3, he’s riding a Dodge Ram Pickup that requires a ladder for you to climb into)
The truck is roomy.
It’s really late on a work night.
And you both spent the last few hours laughing over a horrible game of bowling. (If Gutter Balls were the point, you are the mistress of gutter ball bowling)
It’s a really cold night, for the first day of December and as you shiver and rub your hands together, he cranks the heat and grabs your hands to help you warm them.
“Thanks!” you shiver.
And as he’s rubbing your hands together you can feel his face getting closer to yours.
It’s quiet.
Your heart is pounding.
This is NOTHING like the last time you were alone in a car with a man…
“Can I kiss you?”
You laugh. “No one has ever asked me…they just kinda go for it.”
“But it’s okay?…if I kiss you?”
“Not if you keep asking…”
And without any further hesitation, he leans in, gently points your chin in his direction and plants a tender kiss on your lips. It’s not a long kiss but it’s the most perfect first kiss you could have ever imagined.
He pulls away and exhales. He then looks deeply into your eyes and leans in again for a longer kiss.
You close your eyes and purse your lips to meet his slightly open mouth. As his lips touch yours your eyes open wide and you pull back as the loudest burp comes out of his mouth.
Embarrassed, he covers his mouth and jumps back to his side of the car.
“Oh Shit! I’m SO Sorry!”
You fight the shock long enough and throw your head back laughing hysterically.
“That will forever be the most memorable kiss in the history of all kisses” you giggle.
And you continue to giggle. And he just sits there. Embarrassed.
And you realize you are still laughing.
“Okay, Okay!” Taking a deep breath. “I’m Sorry! It’s just a burp! It happens!” you say smiling but getting serious.
“I ruined a really beautiful moment”
“Don’t beat yourself up about it…Do you want to start over?”
“Yeah…” He reaches over and gently grabs your chin again to pull you in for a kiss.
Its long and slow.
You can feel it in your knees. It’s a good Damn kiss!
His lips are soft.
You bask in the moment. You don’t even remember you were cold as you feel the heat in your cheeks.
Your hands are caressing his soft hair, and gently pulling with desire.
His hands are all over your back. They find their way to your hips and he leans in further.
You pull away just a bit but keep kissing. And he leans in again only this time he grabs your hand and places it – Yeah. He places it there- And all you can feel is gap between his groin and the crotch of his pants…with the fabric stretched tightly across his lap…

Not to worry though. . . He teaches you a thing or two about stereotypes.