Oh, you’re still here!
Good. Means you have not been deterred by my drunkeness in broad day light.
or you laughed your ass off and want to see more dickassery.
And some of you wandered over here via the most recent pic of my business card. So, to the newbs, Dont expect too much from me. Im a little nutty.
A month or so ago, i got a notification on Facebook alerting me of birthday party. Not just any party. The Quarter of a Century Celebration of my friend Tim’s Birth. And also marked the 10th year anniversary of the Canton Court Players. I went to one 2 yrs ago. and LOVED it. What it is exactly is something that I cannot share for you have not earned the right… and they asked me not to post pics of it.
Me and tim go way back like car seats. High School to be exact. Ah, the memories. Sitting in the hallways, eating lots of bagels, and throwing things. Those were the good ol days. And seeing pics of my HS friends on Facebook is bittersweet because ever since i moved to Queens, i also happened to move myself 2 hrs away by train and bus from those peeps whom i love so much. They be the Zoo. Everyone in the Zoo has a name… EXCEPT ME.
And they are reading this right now… I need a Zoo name people. Or I post pics of the Canton Court Players!
My parents took Mickey for the day so i could travel to the far ends of Brooklyn. I packed a snack, map, and my passport (crossing borough lines and all) and headed to the partay. But I told a tiny fib on my RSVP cuz i wanted to surprise the birthday boy.
When i got there i walked up to his bedroom and knocked on the door.
Mike (not tim): Who is it?
Me: Mo Diva
Mike: (pause) WHAT?
Me: Its. Mo. Diva.
Mike: (Pause) SHUT UP. SHUT UP.
(opens the door) HOLY SHIT!
We hugged and then i was pointed in the direction of the birthday boy who was just as suprised! yay! Tim, Don’t ever say i dont love you. I took 2 trains and a bus to see you! Isnt he handsome! *squish* (thats me hugging him tightly)
The party table was heavenly. Im so glad Im an adult. I could feel my liver sending crazy SOS signals to my brain “TELL HER NOT TO DRINK!” “ABORT! ABORT!” but i ignored them… i was only going to have ONE drink. That turned into 4. two malibu and cokes and two margaritas… Still havent learned at 26 that mixing is bad.

But I made sure to eat plenty of carbs. Friends on Facebook will be seeing lots of tagged photos of me with food in my mouth. It wasnt supposed to be that way but i happen to be sitting in the background of all the pics… lovingly shoveling food in my mouth. Oh, me.

This is my “Im a G” pose and this is Elvin, hes eating.

Me and Dina. She does an amazing “Sarah Palin” and shes an awesome writer. Love you Dina! xoxox

Me and my first love, Michael. On the first day of school in 9th grade I walked up into Spanish 201 (they thought i could speak spanish- HA!) and sat next to a boy with a blue bottle cap hat. I was mad because he was wearing the same blue bottle cap hat I was wearing. After class taking my train home, I see on the platform a blue bottle cap hat. It was my michael. He walked up to me and said “nice hat”. And we’ve been friends since… I could use more Michael in my life tho, just sayin boo.

This is my Marky-poo. We met in the hallway at school over a potluck breakfast (being a foodie back then!) and it was squish fest ever since. He cracks me up! We hadn’t seen eachother since i moved to Queens 3 years ago, and he moved to Austrailia for 2 yrs. Welcome back Marky.

The Cake… spoiler alert; It has CHOCOLATE!

The Canton Court Players.

MOST of the Murrow HS Crew with a few newbs thrown in to the mix. It was really difficult getting everyone to look in the same direction. Must have been about 20 cameras going…

See? CHOCOLATE. And Guess whos FACE i got to eat off. Jacob Black. There is just something a little disturbing about how hot he is and how young he is… Makes me feel dirty.

Oh! Im eating. Big Surprise! LOL. AFter all the candid eating shots, i just figured i should just pose and eat. That way when i get captured I can look fabulous eating. See that there? Im also a genius.

More High School Peeps! Jessica in blue, my diva. She and I have upcoming dinner plans… we just be so dang busy! Jess, lets make it happen! And in Yellow is my friend and love, Nneka. Her and her cousin drove my drunk ass home later on that night. My best memory of Nneka involves a night where a really drunk guy started arguing with me (over whos more fabulous probably) and he raised his hand at me like he was going to hit me, Nneka got up and was ready to defend me. Thats my bitch for life. Luckily, I was more fabulous than the drunk dude and he was asked to leave the bar! And Rachel behind Nneka. Rachel has the best dating advice.
When i woke up, i managed to stop the room from spinning and have a cup of coffee. It also happened to be late in the afternoon so i threw together stuff that was about to go bad in the fridge…and called it dinner.

Sliced some eggplant. Coated the eggplant rounds in eggwhite and dredged in italian breadcrumbs.Baked them on 425 for 10 mins on each side. and set aside.

Threw together some garlic infused oil, herbed tomatoes, “pasta” and goatcheese in a saute pan until everything was heated through.

And plated on two slices of “fried” eggplant. For a bullshit dinner, it was actually quite good. But goatcheese makes everything better!