With Food Network airing a ton of repeats and awkward in-between-seasons tv programming phase business I get a little BORED. I go for Nature Walks with Mickey. Take pics of changing leaves and update my facebook status like whoa… heck I even started crocheting again… but I can only this so much before i get bored of that.
I started Boredom baking (again) and it always happens the same time every year. Its not too hot outside so the temps in my kitchen are bearable again and I start banging out baked goods to cure a few hours of boredom. And starting next month, there will be lots of birthdays at the office which means lots of baking on my part (i spoil them).
And when I bake, I share the love. And my love comes with a price… expanding waistlines. So, you’re welcome.
A beautifully braided whole wheat challah roll. I cheated. I used my bread maker on the dough cycle… 2 cups flour, 1 egg, 4 Tbspn sugar, 1 tspn salt, 2 Tbspn oil, 3 tspn yeast. The bread machine does all the kneading while i google a recipe for cookies becuase I need to do SOMETHING while the dough is rising.

After the dough cycle was complete, i covered my counters with foil… cuz i dont trust a bare counter top… and lightly floured it and then braided 4 strands of dough. i placed my braided dough on a greased cookie sheet, covered it with a clean tea towel and placed it in the microwave for one hour…. dont turn the microwave on just let it sit in there… its the place in my kitchen for dough to rise.. and it doesnt take 5 years. After an hour, it should be doubled in size. Coat the dough 1 egg yolk plus 1 T of water. Makes it pretty!

Bake at 350* for 25 minutes. Tell Roommate not to touch it. Let it cool and then do whatever you want with it. MMM. Warm bread and butter. *drool*
For the challah rolls, i just braided smaller portions of dough and then formed a roll, let it rise and baked it at the same temps. The braid is funner to eat. And give extra rolls to your friends so you can become the coolest friend ever to exist on the planet (whaddup).
Now, One would clean the kitchen and go to bed…
but no.
You then find the most amazeballs recipe for Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies… here.
and dont bother reading the reviews that give really good advice on tweaking the recipe. Reading reviews is for losers. Brown sugar, butter, and regular sugar…

sugar, butter and brown sugar creamed. (over creamed actually)

oatmeal, chocolate chips, flour and other mentionables in a bowl. If it looks soupy to you… its becuase it is and you need to read the directions more carefully.

Spoonfuls on an ungreased bakin sheet.

Baked for an undetermined amount of time… best would be till its no longer soupy and not yet burnt.

Carefully PEEL cookies off of the cookie sheet and let cool. They are moist and crumbly at the same time… the flavors are spot on… but i kinda wish they were a little more resilient… these wimpy cookies crumbled at the slightest touch. it was a real MUTHA getting them off of the baking sheet.

Take a bite… for quality control. Pretty good. Take the rest to work… dont save any for cheese eater (burn!)