A Social Network.
A source that has allowed people to reconnect with old friends, former lovers, and even distant relatives.
Through the powers that be, or the “Add Monique As Your Friend” button, I have managed to reconnect with my old crew from my wonderful days slaving at Starbucks. Life was so much simpler then. My only bill was from Sprint and my only desire was to make people smile. Biggie was right, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems.
Since my days slaving at the ‘bucks my former coworkers have all gone on to live their life. Some of them moved up the corporate ladder at Starbucks and some have altogether different careers. Whatever they are doing, i sure hope they are happy.
I logged on to one of my social networks (because as some of you may know, i am a two-timing social networking whore…) and posted an invite for an informal reunion with a few of the crew… because some of them are too cool to have a Facebook Page (psh). 5 agreed. And we chose to go to the last place we were all together: Serendipity 3.
On the day of two of the ladies in our group cancelled for legitimate reasons but the other two, my old reliables, were there with bells on… and EARLY which I LOVE. Serendipity 3 is known for their Frozen Hot Chocolates… and that cute movie with John Cusack. If you show up on a Friday or Saturday for dessert without a reservation, be prepared to wait 3 hours. Yes, three hours.
Did you know you could make reservations?
You can!
You have to order DINNER. So i made reservations and told the crew that whoever was late had to order a sandwich… I was late.

We were seated immediately and given menus. Dude, these menus were MAMMOTH!

Me likey the big menu! Sadly, 90% of this menu was way overpriced and just not as yummy sounding as i wanted it to be… I ordered a simple BLT on Challah bread…Trisha, now works at TD Bank and is engaged to be married! WOOT! We met in church when i was knee-high-to-a-pigs-eye. And when i was loving Starbucks I made her love it too and we worked together. We had some good times.

Trisha ordered the Bi-Sensual Burger. SEXY sounding. Burger with chili and onions. (this baby was $19! holy cow)
This is Harim. My sweet. My love. My first restaurant buddy. We would wake up at 3am and work together from 5am to 1pm. Harim had a different pair of chucks for every outfit he owned. And every day after work we would WALK to some far away restaurant and eat together. The first place we ever went to was Cow Girl Hall of Fame… Good times.

He ordered a cheddar burger. And i stole some of his fries – old school status.

my “SIMPLE” blt arrived. Someone at the table next to me said “What the F*ck is that?”
For a moment i wondered how i was going to get my mouth around this thing (TWSS)… but with some reorganizing and major reductions, I recreated it to make it LESS of a monster.
BEHIND this sandwich is a pile of lettuce, tomatoes, and bacon. I used all the avocado. GOTTA use ALL the Avocado.

I cut it in half and made the biggest mess of this sandwich in the history of the world. And shamelessly i might add. But it was good. I mean, i seriously hope one can’t mess up a BLT.
It was now time for the main event: Dessert.
The wonderful powers that be allowed it so the server would accidentally toss the plate Trisha asked to pack up… and we scored a free dessert! YES!!!!!! BEHOLD! the Peanut Butter Frozen Hot Chocolate.
“Mo, only use ONE straw”
We also ordered a regular one, but really when you try the PB one, the chocolate one isnt nearly as good. I was sitting between the two… and got to be greedy… I liked the PB one more.
*dreaming of its yummyness*
We had so much fun dishin about Who’s Doing what and the going ons of our lives. . .
We will be meetin up again soon…
Harim and I decided to keep the merriment going and went for drinks at a bar nearby at 11pm.
When I crawled home at 5am i was thinking I might have gone a little overboard with the drinks… then when i sat at brunch on Saturday, feeling like SHIT, i definitely knew i over did it. Serendipity 3 on Urbanspoon