…Crock Pot.
I’m sorry you got excited about that title and thought something else… but this is serious. I am breaking up with my Crock Pot.
I’m a busy lady.
I like to spend time in the kitchen but when I am really pressed for time, I like to call my Crock Pot, my live-in lover, My saviour, My knight in shining ceramic plates that cooks my dinner for me – to provide a no fuss dinner when i get home from a long day (of shopping).
And I have been really bad at replenishing my groceries (menu planning FAIL) i have made use of the things that are just sitting in my freezer and pantry.
Free Range Organic Chicken legs. On sale when i bought them… just cause they were on sale. I put them in the freezer to be forgotten. And when i dug them out of the freezer I thought slow cooking them in some bbq sauce would be tasty.
But then i was out of bbq sauce.
And thats when I recalled a recipe of yester year. Of my memories cooking for mom in her kitchen. When i lived with the parentals and ALWAYS came home to a cooked meal.
Diet Coke Chicken.
Are you gagging?
The last time i made this- i remembered it being good. Im not gonna say that its been about 7 years since i have made said chicken… im not gonna say it. So dont make me.
Once my chicken legs defrosted I lined up my live-in lover with some plastic (so i wont have to do dishes) and heavily sprinkled garlic salt onto the chicken… because i like my bbq sauce a little garlicky…

Then i added one cup of ketchup to the chicken. As this was happening, i had a feeling that this was going to fail as i have developed a serious issue with ketchup all together (ketchup is for fries and sometimes burgers… only- its my own issue and im acknowledging my crazy). then take one can of diet cola… i used coke zero, and pour it onto the chicken and ketchup. Its kind of done now, all it has to do now is cook.
I set the crock pot on low for 6 hrs (with my awesome timer) and went to work.
When i got home, my apartment smelled like bbq sauce… but also with that “only Monique can smell it” Crock Pot Smell.
What is the crock pot smell? I cant describe it. Its just weird. Its not natural…
I braved the crock pot smell and served myself with some salad… thank goodness for salad. The chicken was okay. There was definite crock pot smell and taste in addition to the bbq-y flavor.
I have attempted several times, several recipes in the crock pot but that certain smell and flavor exasperates me.
I will attempt no more. So Crock Pot, please consider this the end of our relationship…
My nose and palate are just sensitive i guess…
Cant win ’em all folks… can’t win ’em all.
In related news: who wants two barely used CrockPots? lol
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