When i took a walk to the Union Square Farmers Market, my intentions were to pick up apples. Thats it. Just apples. But when I caught sight of a gorgeous bin of yellow and orange peppers I couldnt pass them up.
As I was picking my peppers I started to brain storm what exactly I would do with them. I have a pretty hectic schedule and didnt want to spend an evening chopping peppers and onions to make something stove top… i wanted something effortless but yummy…
And stuffed peppers came to mind.

I had half an onion that was already chopped in the fridge so i sauteed the onion with tomato soup and a heaping spoonful of sofrito. I dont know why i decided to get creative with this… but sometimes you just gotta go with it.

I added a pound of ground beef and crumbled it into the pan. Seasoned with salt and cooked until the beef was no longer pink.
I also had on hand some leftover white rice… so i threw that in there so soak up all the beefy goodness.

Once i mixed the rice and the beef i spooned the mixture into the peppers which i seeded and cut in half.

I didnt have any cheese…. but i covered them and baked them for 30 mins at 400*.
When they were done, they smelled incredible. As I was about to dig in I got a text from Patti.
“Wanna go to Dani’s?”
I looked at my peppers and then at my phone…
“be there in 15”
I packed up my peppers and met Patti at Dani’s house of pizza.
Warm italian bread…
And Chicken Francese. This was Patti’s. It was my first time trying this (cause I have issues with citrus flavors on savory things)… and I really wish i would have ordered that…twas yummy.
My chicken parm was karma coming to teach me a lesson. It was dry. And the sauce was too sweet.
Next time, i stay home.
Or Order the Chicken Francese.