Missy had a contest on her blog the other day for a free pass to attend the “Live the Life You Love” even hosted by Single Edition. Missy always has great contests and giveaways so i entered and was so happy when she told me i won!
I hadn’t seen her in a while so i was looking forward to just hanging out and doing some girly things.
The event was being held in the Samsung store in the Columbus Circle area. I got there early and killed time by tweeting… and staying really far away from Williams Sonoma.
When Missy arrived we went upstairs and let the girly times begin.
The space was large and uber chic. I was afriad to touch stuff out of fear i might break something!

And in straight up food blogger fashion Missy and I began to click away pics of the food. MMM.. FOCCACIA.

First up was a foccacia with a creamy cheese with onions, peppersm, and herbage. Tasty..

But not as tasty as the foccacia with the crispy bacon on top. My fave right there… Dude, its BACON.

Then some raisin and walnut crostini. Not really a fan….

But then i found this wonderful platter of kryptonite. Firm goat cheese, aged cheddar, gorgonzola , candied walnuts and a some kind of Foie made of peaches… The candied walnuts were amazing, missy and I both agreed. The kryptonite, aka cheese, was heavenly. I mean, when there is this much cheese around I could give a flying duck about my lactose intolerance… because it was totally worth the stomach ache. The peach spread? not for me. Sorry.

There was also a beverage section with drinks promising to promote mental alertness and happiness. I chose this one… i forget things a lot… Heres to not forgetting things! Bottoms up! It was OK. Like a really bland limeaid with bubbles.

this one promises help you lose weight by keeping you feel full… what i heard was “it has fiber. it makes you poop” but thats NOT what was said…. even so, i tried it and it reminded me of cheap perfume. 😦

We sat through 3 lectures that were really awesome (okay one of them was not awesome… but he gets credit for perservering) and i took CRAZY notes on “If your career was your Boyfriend, Would you Love it?” Answer: No, but my blog is my boyfriend and im madly in love with it. So, win.
And also a juicy last segment on sensuality and orgasms… not sexual orgasms but SENSE-ual orgasms. Ways to feel good using our 6 senses. It was awesome! I am seriously considering going to the next one!
We got pretty sweet giftbags with goodies too!
Missy and I still not completely full from the cheese buffet headed downstairs to whole foods for a little salad bar action.
And i had to stop myself because its soooo easy to just pile stuff into your bowl… and then think OH SHIT, THEY HAVE TO WEIGH THIS! But thats what long lines are for! picking at your plate while you wait. lol.
Special thanks to Sherri for making this happen and to Missy for letting me be her shadow for an evening.