I have to throw it out there that I am addicted to my phone. I sleep with it, I check messages in the middle of the night and on occassion have been known to pick up the phone in my sleep and have coherent conversations… and not remember a bit of it in the morning.
The other day i woke up with my phone on my face. If i had someone in my bed with me… it would have made an excellent photo op.
There Should be support groups for people like me.
Nonetheless, When i wake up- like the minute i wake up- i grab my phone. I open my Accu Weather App on my PA M Pilot (the L fell off) and check the weather for the day. Knowing its going to be Humid will help me decide if i should rock a messy pony tail or to let my crazy locks fly freely in the wind.
The forecast made no mention of rain.
So i left my umbrella at home. And I wore flip flops.
I was meeting a friend after work to hand off some baked goods… (im a pastry dealer) and thought it would be nice to sit in the park to people watch and talk about life (and food).
Thats when the skies got really dark. And as I was sitting on the park bench waiting; I sent a text:
“Um, dude is it going to rain today?”
as the sky was darkening to a frightening GRAY and before i could get an answer I saw the lightning… and I heard the thunder.
His response: “I dont think so…”
And as I opened the text I felt the drops… and i replied
“Oh shit son! Its RAINING! and theres THUNDER”
And before I continue, I dont speak this way in real life… I have a different voice when i text. Just like when i blog.
Im special that way.
So We met up to make the “drop” at a near by starbucks where i was still a little soggy from when i tried to run away from the rain… in flip flops.
And I slipped… in my flip flops.
And scraped my toe… and was bleeding.
Not a lot though.
When the rain calmed down and my hair was a wild and frizzy mess, we took a walk and ended up at a cute little Korean Sandwich spot called Num Pang. I owe the rain a Thank you For had it not rained, i wouldnt have gone to this wonderful sandwich heaven.
After a quick glance at the words “Special” and “Pork Belly” I was sold…
Num Pang is a very small place but they have a spiral staircase leading to a sweet little seating area that allows for some people watching while you munch. ( i might have seen someone shirtless in an apartment building across the street)
Dude got a Skirt steak sandwich and I got the pork Belly sandwich. We split an order of grilled squash.

SO good.

Our sandwiches were fantabulous. The bread was textural paradize with a slightly crisp crust and soft chewy bread inside… i have yet to find a bread i dont like… The pork belly was all kinds of wonderful and had a hearty slice of an asian pear. Dude’s skirt steak sammie was yummy too (but mine was better, dude…)!
If i were in the area and craving a bahn mi i would def stop here and grab a bench upstairs so i can people watch and stuff my face…Num Pang on Urbanspoon
When I got home, there was a large box on my doorstep… with the words “FRAGILE” and “THIS SIDE UP”. Being a blogger for this long, i am no longer concerned when random boxes end up at my apartment…Its like Christmas!
I opened the most awesome gift basket from Thomas Bagel Thins. The basket was full of wonderful things for my foodie self.

A butt load of bagel thins!



….and peanut butter and Jelly! I’m STOKED! Thank you Blogger Gods! This basket is amazeballs!