As i sit here and wring my clothing dry from my very rainy commute I think about Summer. We got really lucky this year… I cannot think of as many rainy days over the summer as we have now. And think of all the days spent at the beach/pool. it was a magnificent! I dont even mind the rain now… only when at 5 am i am awoken by the sound of water pouring into my bedroom window.
But its all dry now.
My cousin, Candice, had sent me a facebook message saying we had to hit up the Shake Shack before the summer ended. By the time our scheduled date had rolled around Summer was still sort of lingering but idea of shake shack had almost escaped us.
And as I was sweating and replying to her latest email did I say “Hey, arent we supposed to go shake shackin‘?”
And so here we are.
…and here is EVERYONE else!
I remember my first shack burger… FOUR YEARS AGO… it was quite the experience and one of my former boss’ favorite places to grab lunch with the group of us. I wont say its been 4 years since my last shack burger… because its been more like 2 years.
I needed a shack burger pronto.
I had plenty of invites to go but I was saving my first shack burger in two years to experience with my cousin… And it had been a while since i last saw her.
I waited on the line… it was hella long. But it moved at a pretty good pace.
We all decided (me, Cousin, and hubs) to get a shack burger. Cuz split a Shack-cago dog with her hubs… and I got some CHEESE fries. OH YEA.

To the hungry eye, these burgers look a little on the itty bitty side… but i assure you- they are satisfying! A juicy burger with shack sauce, fresh lettuce and tomato on a tasty potato bun… well i think its a potato bun… the texture is pretty wonderful – so thats my guess.

My Cheese Fries were LEGENDARY. Like OMG I wanna sleep with these fries. I wanna wear these fries to work. I wanna lick the cheese off of the plate.
I, of course, am a lady… i wont do any of those things- in Public.
I washed it all down with a Root beer.
I think visiting the Shake Shack was the perfect Farewell to Summer… But that doesnt mean I wont be back any time soon.
that would be like…a travesty!Shake Shack (Madison Square Park) on Urbanspoon