During the tsunami last week, while sitting at home crocheting (yeah, i do that), i got a message on Facebook from someone i used to sit next to in Math Class 11 years ago. Choosing not to sit there and count the number of years since the last time i saw her, i decided to just go straight to her message. It read something along the lines of “blogger soiree…extra ticket…wanna come with?” and i almost always say yes to these things. So naturally, i said yes. Because i really wanted to see her… and i really like blogger functions.
When i left for Libation on the night of the soiree, something told me to bring an umbrella. I grabbed the shittiest umbrella that I had. And as soon as I got to the lower east side, the sky opened up and a tsunami came down. My friend had gotten caught in the tsunami and spent 10 mins walking in the WRONG direction. Poor thing was soggy when we reunited after 10 years.
The event was off to a slow start. My guess is that many people were deterred by the downpour.
We were early and given gift bags with samples and business cards.
And now that we are over 21 (and then some) we walked up to the bar and asked them if they had any drink specials. Now, before i continue, i should note what i mean by drink specials. Being that we were all there for a specific function (networking) I figured they would have a special drink for all of us to drink and be cool with. The bartender thought i mean price specials.
“All drinks are full price”
Whoa. Excuse me for being ignorant to thinking there was an open bar… and double excuse me for thinking there would be any “specials” with this snarky bartender.
I nursed a $5 diet coke. And then the food came out.
Veggie kebabs.

Olive and tomato crostini.

Mini spring rolls.
Mini beef patties.
Now, my friend and I were having a really good time catching up and updating eachother on who’s married, who has kids, who is single, who is a douchebag and who needs jesus. It was fun. We didn’t really get to network much and spent a good portion of the night hovered over the veggie kebabs.
They were mad good yo.

And maybe i was in a olivey mood- but the crostini was pretty tasty.

All around the bar were these little signs prompting us to tweet the messages. I was all about these messages but i didn’t tweet them… I dont know why.
We decided to take a walk around and see what was up…

Product testing…
and someone was getting an intense eyelash extension… the wait time was 40 mins. My friend and I looked at eachother and kind of agreed at the same time that we were ready to go. lol.
We hugged. Exchanged business cards and went on our merry way. We had plans to go bowling later that week but it got rained out…big surprise!
Overall, it was an OK time. A lot of the companies were unimpressed that i was a food blogger so i didnt really get much networking in. But I did enjoy my few hours with an old friend!