These two beautiful people are getting married. Rose and Gerson.

They have been together for 8 years.
And in two weeks they are boarding a Carnival Cruise Ship, sailing away and getting married on a beautiful island… Barbados i think. 🙂
They have a beautiful son who lives to steal my heart.

He runs to me with open arms every time he sees me and blows kisses at me… and give hugs like nobodies business. When no one is looking I am going bring him to Queens and feed him sushi and cupcakes.
Since Rose and Gerson are tying the knot overseas they opened up their home for a wedding shower… in the Boogie Down.
Thats the Bronx ya’ll.
Ironically, every one i know planned an event for the same night of this wedding shower… and i pledged (very stupidly) to hit up every party that night…
At least i made the effort in my mind.
The night of debauchery was to start in the bronx, then in the city for Megs birthday party, then in the upper east side for a house party for a coworkers housewarming followed by ending the night in Brooklyn for a High School friends’ housewarming.
Three boroughs, one night. Well four if you count the party in my crib… the sleepy party. Queens. Bronx. Manhattan. Brooklyn. SHEESH
I was completely sober when i thought this up.
I scored a ride to the bronx from queens (thanks Karen) and what would have taken 2 hrs by train took 20 mins by car (fascinating). And i arrived in the boogie down (strapped) and was greeted by giant bear hugs from a 4 year old cutie (see cutie above).
Thats when it all started. I was handed a pastellito (or an empanada).
and was introduced to the NutCracker.
New Yorkers, a word about nutcrackers… AKA Devil juice.
Its WELL known in Washington Heights… you can buy them from shady little store fronts and the thing that is so special about these is that they look like fruit juice, taste like fruit juice but will most definitely knock you out on your ass. And Rose made this batch herself…
So of course I was going to have some.
I remember pouring myself 3 cups…. and then every time my glass was half full, Rose came and dumped her own cup into mine, making it full once again. So im gonna say I had three cups, but really… it was way more.
But I wasn’t drunk yet.
I endured countless questions about why i made pasteles and didnt bring any to share, I was lectured on the dangers of Dominican Men, and proposed to by the bride To be’s 18 year old brother… cause hes legal now. According to him, next year, same time, same place will be OUR wedding shower.
My mother will be so proud.
Rose and Gerson had a DELICIOUS Dominican Cake. I love Dominican cake. I liked it soo much that I started researching some recipes so i can recreate this baby for my own birthday (yeah, i know- i make my own birthday cakes… how morbid)
Since I was well into my 2nd Nutcracker, everyone thought it would be a good idea to start eating. (and laughing at me when i asked to take pics of the food)


Potato salad with beets. (i have yet to attend a hispanic function that does NOT have the pink potato salad)

baked chicken.

Rice, avocado, salad, lasagna… and i dont even remember what else. But i ate. and I ate good.
There was dancing. Games. And cute kids playing everywhere!
I had a really great time… and wouldnt you know it? No one got shot, stabbed, or mugged! Success! (just playing boogie-downers! its actually a very nice part of the boogie-down)
But around 1 am… and lots and lots of embarassing text messages later i was taken home… and i couldnt even remember where i had to go next. lol.
Congratulations Rosie. May you and Gerson have an eternity of happiness and romance and more little babies for me to fatten up!