Holy Hell!
Its Friday already! The train was super duper empty today… and as i sat in my seat I kind of cringed at the thought of the disturbing video I saw on Gothamist yesterday. – be warned- Its not suitable for work… or my blog. lol.
So now that my fridge is fully stocked, I am overwhelmed with the possibilities of yummy things to cook up. I’m bored of pantry cleaning and I’m bored of take out. What I really wanted, even though i had a fully stocked fridge was Quiche. And not just any Quiche; Quiche Lorraine from Balthazar’s. Instead of going out and trekking to SoHo for some quiche, i decided to look for a recipe to make on my own.
I mean, I make fritatta every now and then… Quiche couldn’t be THAT much different.
I found a recipe for quiche Lorraine and didn’t have everything i needed but i decided to make a few tweaks…
1 roll of crescent dough
4 eggs
1/2 cup heavy cream
1.5 cups of milk
1 cup of shredded swiss
1/2 an onion
12 strips of turkey bacon
1/4 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/8 tsp black pepper
I could have really kicked myself for giving the Dude his grater back… i ended up dicing the block of cheese that i had and fighting Cheese Eater who kept reaching into the kitchen to grab slabs of swiss that I set aside. Cheese Eater should really be careful when I have a knife in my hands… just sayin‘.
Next, I diced up a 1/2 onion and caramelized it in a little bit of butter (everything is better in butter)
And set up my electric griddle to crisp up some turkey bacon

At this point, cheese eater had to leave the apartment because the aroma of bacon was just too much to bear. Feeling generous, i set aside a slice of bacon for him… but since he left- Mickey got it. I gave it a rough chop… should have made the pieces smaller though.

Next I pressed a roll of crescent dough into a pie pan and made sure the entire surface was covered…

Then i layered my onions, bacon, and swiss.
In a medium sized bowl, beat your eggs, milk, sugar, pepper, and salt and pour over the bacon and cheese.

Bake at 425 for 15 mins, then lower it to 300 for 25- 30 mins. Because i used skim milk, this took longer to set. Its ready when the center doesnt jiggle… and the top is golden brown.

like so!
I divvied up the slices, to make 8 lovely portions for Breakfast, Lunch, or Brunch… Froze half and took the rest to work for lunches. : )

It was no Quiche Lorraine from Balthazar’s but it was damn good. (and damn cheap to make!)