Last week, while entertaining myself with countless foodie websites, I came across an events page with so many wonderful foodie opportunities. My schedule, a bit busy these days, didn’t allow for me to spoil myself with all the wonderful things going on… but one thing did sound wonderful that was during one of my “empty” slots (according to Outlook).
“Good Morning With UrbanSpoon“, hosted by the Lovely Christine was open to Bloggers for a looksie at the UrbanSpoon apps and cool new gadgets which will be added to my blog (once I figure out how to do that…lol) The downside was the breakfast was at 9am. On a Saturday. But when I looked at the Guest List and recognized several bloggers (Feisty Foodie, Hungry, Blondie and Brownie – the ML peeps!) I thought “why not?” And when Hungry confirmed it would be a good idea if i made the trip I was that More excited! How awesome is it to meet the faces behind the words you read on a regular basis??? Especially FOODIES!
So at 8am on Saturday, I was on the Long Island Rail Road headed to The Breslin. After getting out at Penn Station and realizing that Google Maps intended for me to walk 6 long blocks in heels, I walked slowly to my destination.
Nervous and Excited.
(yeah, i get nervous sometimes…)
I walked in and spotted my posse.
And glanced at the menu. I had no idea what I wanted but Christine, the hostess with the mostess, assured that she was going to order a little of everything and we would all dig in. My only request?

COFFEE! And lots of it. LOL…especially for some french pressed coffee!
More people started to arrive and I had the wonderful opportunity to befriend Grace, the sweetest lady I have ever met! Great conversationalist and definitely someone I wanna get a cup of coffee with to talk about life!
And the food started to come out… Before I get into the photos.. there was A LOT of food. I had bites of everything and you might get bored hearing how delicious everything was… so everything you see: MAD GOOD YO

Pastries. I had 1/3 of a gooey chocolately croissant. I am still dreaming of this croissant. ’twas heavenly.

Bacon…bad lighting – my bad.

Chips! with some yummy mustard kinda dipping sauce. (i honestly cant remember- but i DID eat it!)

My first tasting plate.

Probably the 2nd thing I fell in love with: the Leeky Tart. Crispy phyllo dough with a Leek and eggy filling. I’d go back for that!

Sunny side eggs with mushrooms and breakfast meat. Didn’t try this.

Grilled cheese. LOVED this… HELLO? its CHEESE!

Oh yeah. Deep Fried Peanut butter and banana sandwich with bourbon and vanilla. This was INSANE. This pic doesnt do it any justice. It was seriously food gasmic.

Home fries with caramelized onions.

Just SOME of our setup! The staff at the breslin were SO incredibly attentive! and Helpful!

Hot Cross Buns. I did not try this. I was getting REALLY full… but i hear these were yummy.

Peanut butter and Jelly pancakes. I had one bite. Food coma was starting to set in… and I was on coffee numero tres.

I dont even know… but the small bite i could fit was definitely delish.

Poached eggs over a bed of lentils. HOLY HELL! I want lentils for breakfast every day!

Seafood sausage. Had a bite. Definitely better than i thought it would be!

And A croque monsiuer which was a nice last bite… because I was ready for a food induced nap. I got home at 1130, and took a serious nap. When i woke up, I had to get ready for the Shecky’s Girls Night Out.
It was a big day!

Breslin Bar & Dining Room on Urbanspoon

And I cant wait to go back to The Breslin. I would have to bring an army of eaters and make them all order some of my favorite things so i can have a taste of everything again… who’s with me?