Saturday was quite possibly the most gorgeous day of the week, and I spent it with an old friend walking Smith Street armed with a camera and a spoon for the Smith Street Soup Festival.

Thanks to Eaters Digest, I had all the info i needed. Having never done anything like this, I went in with zero expectations and an empty stomach. I recruited the taste buds of my coworker, his girlfriend and my long time friend Courtney.

The festival was from 1-4 and if Grub Street Festival has taught me anything, its that if i wanted to get in on this event I had to be there when it started. Courtney and I met up early and got to Smith Street.


Tickets were $5. You get a wristband and a flier with all the restaurants participating.


About 30 minutes into the festival, i heard they ran out of wristbands and fliers. With my wristband and guide, Courtney and I got started. Before i get started, here’s a quick list of the restaurants participating in the festival and the soup they made:
Lunetta: Pasta Fagiole Soup
Bar Tabac: Spinach and Lentil Soup
Apartment 138: Spiced Butternut Squash Soup with Lemon Pressed Olive Oil
Raga: Mulligatawny Soup
Cibao: Mondongo Soup
Pane e Vino: Crema D’Aragosta Soup
Robin Des Bois: Spiced Carrot Soup
Athena: Avgolemono Soup
El Nuevo Portal: Chicken Soup
Verde: Lobster Bisque
Bombay Dream: Muligatawny Soup
Provence En Boite: Soup de Poissons
Chestnut: Hubbard Squash Soup
Savoia: Pasta Fagiole Soup
Sue Perrette: Butternut Squash and Lamb Merguez Soup
Cubana Cafe: Chicken Soup
Bino: Minestrone Soup
Zaytoons: Lentil Soup
Jakewalk: Morel Soup
Seersucker: Country Captain Chicken Soup
HS for International Studies: Pumpkin Soup and Rainbow bean soup

Spoiler Alert: There were 25 soups at 20 restaurants… and due to lack of supply and lack of room in my belly, i only tried about half…

Our First Stop was Raga


Mulligatawny Soup. The best in this category. It was thick and creamy and had a lot of flavor. It was my first Mulligatawny Soup but it was awesome.


The Next Stop was Apartment 138DSC09205

Spiced Butternut Squash Soup with Lemon Pressed Olive Oil. Nothing exciting about this soup. Just your standard squash soup. Kind of forgettable.


Bar Tabac. There was a line… and it was only 1:20.


Spinach and Lentil Soup. It was amazing. The broth was flavorful and had lots of wonderful fresh ingredients. I sprinkled mine with mozzarella cheese and chives. Heavenly.


Pane e Vino


Crema D’Aragosta Soup. Sweetness of shrimp with little tiny slivers of shrimp. Eh…


Robin des Bois.


Spiced Carrot Soup. Better than I had expected. But not a fave. At this point in the game I was getting tired of Orange Soup.




Avgolemono Soup. This was the longest line that I waited on. Everyone was ordering the Avgolemono Soup…they had a roasted vegetable soup but the buzz was all on this soup. So, i ordered it. It was lemony. and delicious. As someone who does not appreciate citrus flavors in her savory dishes, i am surprised i enjoyed this so much.




An orange Lobster Bisque with croutons. It tasted like buttery lobster. Insane. And the crouton made it awesome. There were mixed reviews on this soup throughout the festival but the people complaining about it had soup that looked different than what i had.


Provence de Boit. LONG Line spilling into the street.


Soup de Poissons. Visually, it was gorgeous. But i really hated this soup. It was fishy… but had an awful texture. It was also watery.


Bombay Dream


Mulligatawny Soup. Topped with a spoon of fresh cilantro. This soup was thin, watery and tasted too much like cilantro. Had it been a different kind of soup I think i would have liked it more.


Zaytoons. Zero Line.


Lentil Soup…i love lentils. This one was thick and starchy.


Savoia. They were making a fresh pot of pasta fagiole soup while we were waiting on line


Pasta Fagiole soup. It was piping hot. Full of fresh veggies and home made pasta. Hearty and satisfying.

By now it was around 3 pm and all the shops were starting to run out of soup. I was next in Line at Jaywalk for Morel soup when the guy said “sorry guys, No more soup. We ran out”

And just when I thought I was hanging up my spoon we walked into one restaurant that was scraping a pot.




They ran out of cups so they gave me a small saucer to try their soup. Pumpkin Apple Soup. This was the best soup. I had two spoonfuls because the fullness was unbearable… but i loved this soup so much that I have started looking for recipes similar to this so i can recreate this deliciousness later.

At the end of the day, a panel of judges got to sample to soups to determine the Gold, Silver, and bronze Ladels for the best soup on Smith Street. My top three were as follows: Spinach Lentil from Bar Tabac, Pumpkin Apple Soup from Bino, and Lobster Bisque from Verde.

Courtney enjoyed an ice cream bar as I threw her palate into shock with all the new flavors. She assured me she had a good time while i continued to burp all the random orange flavor soups while i went to visit her fam on Long Island.

What an awesome deal and an awesome time!