Where would i eat if i wasn’t a blogger?

I honestly cant answer that question. Most of my foodie adventures are inspired by others…and those others are bloggers. Granted, i read 1 or 2 food blogs before i decided to start my own- but i dont think i would read as many as i read now. One of the blogs that I love belongs to an awesome diva named Sarah. I have never met Sarah personally but via the great worldwide web, we “know” each other in that blogger way.

Sarah writes “Bright Lights, My City” and touches on things any NYC gal or gal who loves NYC wants to know. Where to eat. Where to party. Good reads and theories on single life. I kinda love it. Im a New Yorker. I love New York (and I am reminded of a scene in Sex and the City when Carrie meets a hot sailor during fleet week and he talks smack about New York. In this scenario, I am Carrie, and New York is my boyfriend. “Dont you be talking shit about my boyfriend”.) Holy shit way off track.

ANYWAY, Sarah wrote a review on a spot in Brooklyn called Cornerstone. After lovin on her photos, I decided to call my dearest friend and esteemed eater, Meg. This was in December. With Meg being a social diva and me being a lameass with the flu, the earliest we could enjoy a brunch date was the first weekend of the New Year.

Diets be Damned!

Armed with an appetite, I trekked to Brooklyn. (I will trek anywhere for a good meal) Meg and I saw Chicken and Waffles and pretty much went apeshit so we were kinda psyched about this joint BEFORE even setting foot in the brownstone. DSC00033

Located in the up and coming Fort Greene area of Brooklyn (…it might have already arrived as the “IT” neighborhood but I live in Queens now- i don’t know these things) this charming brownstone was naturally lit on a particularly gloomy day. The wait staff are ultra hipster yet charming and even flirty (but have you seen how hot me and Meg are? we SMOKIN HOT yo)…and have i mentioned how much I love hipsters? (Dear Hipsters, I love you. Love, Me)

Meg and I were seated at the window and I couldnt be happier as this was the best spot for amazing sunlight. So please enjoy GIANT photos! 🙂

After a quick glance at the menu, and a 16 hour fast, Megan and I immediately decided on the chicken and waffles with unlimited Mimosas. I was being greedy and ordered some cheesey grits too.

If I’m gonna be bad- Im gonna be real bad, ya dig?DSC00034

Our waiter, Hot Hipster Guy, was super awesome. But it might have been that he was super adorable and really fun…and his jeans looked mighty nice…i digress. Our waiter, came by and fulfilled our alcoholic wishes. Mimosas for the ladies. The champagne was a little sweet and I am guessing they used a Rose Champagne. It was pairing nicely with the OJ. The wait for food was a little lengthy… or i was just really hungry. The mimosas were starting to have an effect on me… but when you consume 3 mimosas on an empty stomach- something is bound to make you giggle.


…and almost as if the tipsyness caused Hot Hipster Guy to put a rush on the order, the most beautiful plate of whipped cream, ketchup (no thanks), and syrup arrived along with this beauty:


It was my first time experiencing the joy that is Fried Chicken and Waffles. And I wasnt shy about it. Normally when I dine out, i use my knife and fork whenever possible. I was having a hard time getting food into my mouth as quickly as I would like and I said “to Hell with this”, picked up the chicken and shoved a piece in my mouth…

which is when Hot Hipster Guy came back and asked “How’s Everything over here?”. *slaps head* DAMMIT. I answered with a partially full mouth… and asked for more alcohol.

Oh, me.


As I sat there, stuffing my face Meg asked how my grits were. I was Stuffed. What the hell was I thinking ordering Grits? It was never put on the bill so thank goodness for that!

I thanked Sarah for putting this place on my radar. I really enjoyed the Fried Chicken and Waffles (and the cute hipsters). I def think this meal is one that has to be eaten fresh. The doggy bag i took him did not reheat well- the chicken dried out and the waffle got waaay soggy. But I definitely will come back for a post hangover meal… and some eye candy.

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