I am happy to report that the last snowfall did not result in a major shit show in New York. Workers were hitting the streets and removing snow as it was falling. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a snow day, but i did enjoy a few extra minutes of sleep. 🙂

Today’s review is long overdue and took a little over a month. Raincoast Trading contacted me and asked if i wanted to try their products. When i read up on the company i saw things like “wild Caught”, “Eco-Friendly”, and “low Mercury Levels” and I was very intrigued. And a huge plus was if i likd the product, it would be readily available for purchase at my local Whole Foods. SWEET!

As most of you know, I will not post a review if i do not like a product. I actually love this product and have already hit up Whole Foods for my own personal supply.

Raincoast sent me two cans of tuna and one can of salmon. I decided to take the first can of tuna to simply try it. DSC09829

When i opened the can I was pleasantly surprised to find that it didnt smell like the standard can of tuna. It had a fish smell, yes, but it was not as abrasive as the competitors. DSC09830

I was also impressed by the solid mass in the center. Usually, when i purchase solid tuna, its solid chunks. The entire contents of this can were intact. DSC09831

I placed the tuna in a bowl and flaked it like i would to make a tuna salad. I tasted it as is. And for the first time in my life, i was able to eat canned tuna without mayo. I loved it. It wasnt dry, or metalicky, it was actually very pleasant.

The following day I decided to incorporate this tuna into a dish that my mother used to make for me on nights when i got home from work really late. Its quick and comforting. DSC09924

Ingredients: 1 can of solid white tuna (5.3 oz ), 4 oz tomato sauce, 2 T sofrito, 1 tsp olive oil, salt. DSC09925

In a medium fry pan, heat oil and sofrito over medium heat; about 2 minutes. DSC09927

Add tuna and break into pieces as it gets covered by the olive and sofrito mixture. Add tomato sauce and a pinch of salt. DSC09929 Heat through and serve over rice. DSC09930

This dish takes a matter of minutes and for me reminds me of the good ol days when id come home from work and dinner would be waiting for me at the table (oh how i miss my mommy)


The last thing left to play with was the canned salmon. I knew immediately upon receiving it that I would be making salmon burgers; and since i havent made one in YEARS i was really looking forward to this!


Ingredients: 1 can of boneless sockeye red salmon (5.3 oz), 1 T spicy mustard, 1 egg, 1/2 cup panko bread crumbs, 1 T chives


break up salmon in a bowl with a fork.DSC00063

Mix by hand the salmon with panko, egg, chives and mustard. Mixture should be wet enough so salmon can be formed into patties. DSC00064

I was able to make 3 patties. Heat a skillet with a tsp of oil. Let it get really hot and add burgers to the pan. Get a nice little crust goin on, flip after 2 minutes.DSC00065

I served mine on a flat bread with a smear of laughing cow cheese mixed with more spicy mustard.


It was wonderful!

I really loved the tuna AND salmon and have already gone out to replenish my stock. Thank you Raincoast Trading for the awesome eats!