When my friend Courtney told me I had plans on Saturday, I made a funny face, checked my calendar and saw that my schedule was clear. After a bit of back and forth with me being retarded and Courtney being patient with her retarded friend, she finally said it in a language I could understand.

“You are celebrating Chinese New Year with the family. Meet us in Chinatown at 10:30”

“A.M.?!?! Like in the MORNING!?!? On a SATURDAY?!?!”

“If you’re not there our friendship is over…”

No, she didnt say that last part! No one can stand ending a friendship with me! They’d lose a significant amount of weight if they did! lol. But on friday night, I set my stupid alarm clock and woke up early on a Saturday… and took the train to the same area as my office. It felt like I was going to work. But better cuz i got to wear jeans.

and Red. Cuz red is lucky for Chinese New Year. And I was an honorary asian. or like Courtney- a Puerto Rican Asain. 🙂

We met up at 27 Sunshine at about 11…

DSC00302And put our name on the list for a table. I was told we were lucky cuz the joint was empty ::blink::

I have no idea what to do with myself when i have to sit and wait. So i took out my camera and took awkward photos.


Then went apeshit when i realized these things with eyeballs were SHRIMP! HOLY COW! Shrimp are so ugly! Ugly and delicious.

We ended up waiting for about 30 minutes which went by really quickly…


We sat in a corner by a big tube. One of our guests were put to work while staff handed him clothespins and told him to drop them down the tube. This, i hear is how orders are placed. 🙂

Courtney’s mom, Julee, started to pour some tea and explained that if anyone served themselves tea, they should serve the table first. And to say Thank you, all that was required was a tap in front of the glass. Awesome!

What you are about to see is my best attempt to remember all the many dishes we ate. This was my first time at an actual dim sum place but not my first dim sum.

DSC00304 First up, was a flaky puff pastry type of goodie with a sweet pork filling inside. Like a pork bun but with a flaky dough!


Followed by some steamed shrimp dumplings. The innards were incredibly fresh (please see shrimp tank above) and delicious.


I believe this was steamed short rib. Very tasty!


Shrimp dumplings.


Something else… lol. but it was yummY!


Tofu! nom nom nom.


Shrimp noodles! also some beef noodles. I really love these… im all about the noodles. woot!


We then ordered a sauteed beef dish with chinese broccoli and pan fried noodles. i dont think there is anything here I dont like. Very fresh tasting and seasoned well.


We also had some fried rice which was a little difficult to eat with chop sticks… but i persevered.


Next up was a sweet dish. I guess tofu and was right but had no idea that it was sweet. When I asked Courtney’s dad if it tasted good, his response was “its good for you”… translation: Its not terrible… I had a serving. I thought it was interesting but it wasn’t love.


the last thing I could fit in my stomach was an adorable little egg custard in a mini pie crust. It was wonderful… but i was beyond stuffed.

Courtney and her family were awesome to share their holiday and tradition with me! After wards we hit a bakery for goodies to take home and then I pad a visit to their temple and observed their rituals.


The day was full of fun and I got my first envelope of lucky money! and a mini Budha! woo hoo!

What sort of traditions do you and your family participate in?

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