So, after my wonderfully delicious Chinese New Year Feast, I woke up the following day and hit the city for a matinee with the parentals. We scored tickets to see American Idiot… But we didnt realize it was for Super Bowl Sunday. EEEP.


For those that dont know, American Idiot is a Rock Opera and the entire Score is Green Day Songs. It was from start to finish an amazing show. For reasons as follows:

– I adore Green Day (since way back when),

– there were boys on stage in their underwears,

– there was great usage of the stage,

– sex scenes – heck yes,

– Melissa Etheridge as St. Jimmy (it would have been BAD ASS to see Billy Joe, but seeing Melissa Etheridge was JUST as Awesome.

– the curtain call made me feel emo. (i ALWAYS feel emo… but most especially during the curtain)

So, after the performance, I kissed my parents goodbye and sent them to Tournesol for Dinner while I booked it out of the city to catch the LIRR to Forest Hills for the super bowl party at my coworker Dan’s house…Before I left my father asked me which team i was cheering for.

DAD: So who do you want to win?

ME: Win what?

DAD: the Superbowl!

ME: Oooooooh! (pause) Who’s playing?

DAD: (laughs and waits for answer)

ME: Im cheering for Beer and Wings dad. No matter who plays, there will be wings and beer.

( i later found out there was a black and yellow team AKA the losers and a green and yellow team AKA the winners AKA the green guys)

I kissed the family goodbye and got to queens in record time. I got to Dan’s house first. I got there hungry. And I brought the crack dip. And my presence was enough to start eating!


Dan’s wife made barbecue wings. These must have had crack in them. These were cooked perfectly. Tender, Juicy, and the sauce was amazing.


mini crab cakes, chips and chips….DSC00320 and DIP!

The dip was made of cream cheese, salsa, sausage and a bit of cheddar cheese. so. so. cracktastically good.

DSC00319 Empanadas.

DSC00321 And pizza. There was so much food. Luckily, i hadnt eaten all day so this really really made me happy LOL. Didnt last too long though as my stomach isnt what it used to be B.P. (Before Pneumonia). I sure was thirsty though. The beer was frosty. And plentiful.

I drank two three six a few beers.

Then i unplugged my crock pot after the green guys won, cradled it and walked my tipsy ass 15 blocks home while texting random people… with one hand.

Im amazingly talented when slightly inebriated.

What was on the menu at YOUR superbowl party???

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