Oh, Life! How you amuse me! Not too long ago there was an incident that i mentioned where someone was using my blog as their own to get freebies. It was going on a for a while apparently and once one email was sent to me about something i did not request, a lot more started to come in.

A part of me was livid and hurt! Another part of me was eager to find out how to stop this from happening.

I’m a glass half full kind of gal… and soon enough, the floodgates of generosity opened. And my heart sings with gratitude! When Gail, from My Sweet George Divine Candies, contacted me she so graciously sent me some AMAZING candies (handmade candies FYI) and am happy to say I think Ms. Gael and I are going to be good foodie friends…


I’d kinda want to keep a person around that can produce such deliciousness!!! Gail- you are rockin as always.

DSC00057 And Gail sent this lovely sample of her dream turned reality out of the kindness of her heart- i just want to spread the love. If you’re looking for quality and delicious chocolate caramels- please, pretty please show Gael some love. Psst. VDAY is near!!!

You know what else my little impersonator did? She scored some products from “Enjoy Life Foods”. (hey, the kids got good taste) When i got an email asking me if i wanted to try MORE “enjoy Life Foods” products, i scratched my head and said “Uhhh, i guess?” and after a quick address check (surprise surprise) I realized why i dont remember this company.

I NEVER dealt with them before.

But you know what kiddos?

The glass is Half Full. I am turning a new leaf. I am building a stronger foundation for this thing called life and I am going to seize every opportunity that comes my way.

While i was sick in bed with the plague, a box containing these lovely lovely cookies came to my door.


Enjoy Life Foods produces a line of foods that is gluten and nut free. I, personally dont have a gluten intolerance but I have friends that do. It pains me every now and then when i bring goodies in to the office and my coworkers with gluten allergies cant enjoy what I make. Stupid gluten.

A lot of Gluten Free products that I have tried in the past have fallen short of the delicious mark… until today.


After being sick for so many days, I literally TORE open the brownie package. I needed something that wasnt soup… and i needed POST HASTE!


I took a bite of the Chocolate brownie. Rich. Fudgy. Crazy brownie consistency for something Gluten free. This box did not last very long.

Starve a cold, feed a fever.

I had a very high fever.


Next was the snickerdoodle. Seriously?!?! Coat anything with a cinnamony sugar and im all over it. Especially when the texture of this cookie is sooo spot on. Soft and chewy and a slight cakey-ness that was pleasant. Id have to say this tied with the chocolate brownie in the “delicious, gotta have it category!”

Dont make me choose.


Lastly was the lively lemon. Texturally, this cookie was great. Soft and chewy consistency. My only thing was this was a tad bit on the tangy side. To say the lemon flavor was BRIGHT would be an understatement. Personally, it was a little too lemony for me.

Overall, i thoroughly enjoyed the cookies Enjoy Life foods so graciously sent! If you want to try them out, this link will take you to a store locator!


And now. the WINNER of the Multi-Grain Cheerios Prize pack is: JOANNE BRUNO!!

Joanne wrote:

Ugh let’s not talk about my resolution. Okay fine. Well…some days it’s good and some days I eat a whole bag of chocolate chips in one sitting. Sigh. I think I need these cheerios to keep me on track.

I love your honesty joanne! and when you get a chance, please email me your shipping address so i can have My Blog Spark send you an awesome prize pack!