Sometimes – just sometimes – I let myself fall off the face of the earth when it comes to my social life. Ever since I discovered a google calendar I have been very good at keeping it full. And I have gotten so used to having something to do all the time that when i am free i bask in the opportunity to just do nothing…

-and more times than not, that’s when people hit me up and remind me that I’m being a bad friend.

Meg is always so good to remind me. We had an amazingly cheap dinner with amazingly cheap drinks at Epsteins, which will be written up tomorrow, but after our foodfest Meg cautiously asked if i wanted dessert.

I was so full and when i was about to say no Meg said Dessert Truck… and then i yelled GROUPON. And off we went.

I tend to use my groupons like secret weapons, no?


Well, we took our half frozen, half drunk selves to the brick and mortar location of Dessert Truck. It was empty and I had to take a moment to inhale and take in all of its beauty…


Because dessert is always beautiful folks. Always.

When Meg and I got there, a good friend of hers said to say hello to Jerome, the co-owner. Instead i asked Jerome to use the restroom. (Too many pints of beer!) He was so awesome and said yes and even looked the other way when i couldn’t figure out how to work the light… i’m gonna go with the fact that it was dark- not that i was excited beyond sanity to be at the dessert Truck works.


After making my wonderful selections, (and the million attempts at trying to download the groupon app and then getting the bar code to load) I posed with my groupon and dessert- uber cornball status. . .

Dessert just makes me happy people.


I chose the Chocolate Bread pudding with bacon custard sauce. I have no words- the bacon custard was like nothing i have ever tasted in my life… well- maybe like a slice of bacon. But it paired so nicely with the chocolate bread pudding.


I then ordered the salted Caramel macaron…


Because I am slightly obsessed with macarons. Here I am paying my respects to the macaron before devouring it. Magnificent.


Speaking of magnificent, Meg had the chocolate Molten Lava cake- love at first bite.


See? Told ya!


and me?

Well, Dessert just makes me happy.

Ridiculously, stupidly, childishly happy.

Go get some dessert and say hi to Jerome!

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